Colour and Light in the Ocean from Earth Observation (CLEO)



Frascati, Rome (Italy)
The European Space Agency, in the context of the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) programme element, and PML are organising a workshop, called Colour and Light in the Ocean from Earth Observation: Relevance and Applications; Products from Space and Perspectives from Models" hosted at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. The workshop is sponsored through selected SEOM projects, including: -Pools of Carbon in the Ocean (POCO); -Photosynthetically Active Radiation and Primary Production (PPP); -Extreme Case-2 Waters (C2X). Additional partner projects of ESA are: -Marine Photosynthesis Parameters from Space (MAPPS), a Pathfinder STSE (Support to Science Element) project; -Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (OC-CCI) through the CCI (Climate Change Initiative); -Synergistic Exploitation of Hyper-and Multispectral Sentinel-Measurements to Determine Phytoplankton Functional Types (PFT) (SynSenPFT)
The agenda of this meeting is empty