CubeSat Industry Days 2017

from Tuesday, 13 June 2017 (09:00) to Thursday, 15 June 2017 (16:30)
ESA/ESTEC (Newton)

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13 Jun 2017
14 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017
09:00 Opening Speech - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)
Company Presentations on CubeSat Missions, Systems & Services -Dr Klaus Schilling (Center for Telematics) (until 10:45) (Newton)
09:15 Bigger or Smaller? The Trend of CubeSat Developments - Dr Jian GUO (TU Delft Space Institute)   (Newton)
09:30 The QB50 Mission for the Investigation of the Mid-Lower Thermosphere: Preliminary Results and Lessons Learned - Dr Davide MASUTTI (von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics)   (Newton)
09:45 ISIS - Innovative Solution In space - overview of ongoing CubeSat Missions in Operations, Design and Development - Mr Jeroen ROTTEVEEL (ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space)   (Newton)
10:00 Current & Future Missions at Surrey Space Centre - Dr Christopher BRIDGES (Surrey Space Centre)   (Newton)
10:15 Initial experience with GOMSPACE Next Generation platform - Mr Per KOCH (GomSpace A/S)   (Newton)
10:30 NANOsky I satellite platform - Dr Tomaz ROTOVNIK (SkyLabs)   (Newton)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Company Presentations on CubeSat Missions, Systems & Services -Mr Lars Krogh Alminde (GomSpace Aps) (until 13:00) (Newton)
11:00 The role of the Nanosatellite in the ‘New Space’ revolution - Mr Allan Cannon (Clyde Space)   (Newton)
11:15 NetSat - four cooperating networked CubeSats flying as formation - Dr Klaus SCHILLING (Center for Telematics / S4 GmbH)   (Newton)
11:30 Hello Earth - Hyperspectral imaging CubeSat constellation - Mr Janne Kuhno (Reaktor Space Lab Ltd.)   (Newton)
11:45 IOV/IOD Mission based on CubeSat and PLATINO Italian Platform - Dr Giuseppe DE FRANCO (Thales Alenia Space)   (Newton)
12:00 Open Cosmos: satellites as a service - Mr Rafel JORDA SIQUIER (Open Cosmos)   (Newton)
12:15 PROXIMA SPACE: The Space closer than never before - Mrs Abenauara FONTE (Proxima Space)   (Newton)
12:30 Space Activities - Galician Aerospace Centre - Prof. Fernando AGUADO (CINAE)   (Newton)
12:45 ARION 2 - the next European microlauncher - Mr Raúl Verdú (PLD Space)   (Newton)
09:00 ESA IOD CubeSat Activities & Roadmap - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)
Company Presentations on CubeSat Subsystems, Products and Technologies -Mr Matthew Smith (ESA/ESTEC) (until 10:45) (Newton)
09:30 Propulsion for various cubesat sizes and missions - Mr Tor-Arne GRÖNLAND (NanoSpace)   (Newton)
09:45 Small satellite chemical propulsion and applications. LituanciaSAT-2 mission case (QB50) - Mr Vytenis BUZAS (NanoAvionics)   (Newton)
10:00 EOL Operations of the D-SAT Cubesat: an In-Orbit Demonstration of Satellite Controlled Re-entry - Mr Stefano Antonetti (D-ORBIT)   (Newton)
10:15 MotorSat - Design and commercialisation of motor for cubesat without propellant - Mr Cedric JOUY (MotorSat)   (Newton)
10:30 Deorbit kit for cubesats - Mr Gonzalo Sanchez (SENER)   (Newton)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Company Presentations on CubeSat Subsystems, Products and Technologies -Dr Jian Guo (TU Delft Space Institute) (until 12:45) (Newton)
11:15 3U & 6U deployable solar panels for LEO missions - Dr Vicente DIAZ (DHV Technology SL)   (Newton)
11:30 Thin and Low Cost InGaP/InGaAs/Ge high efficiency triple junction solar cells: qualification status - Dr Marco FICCADENTI (CESI SpA)   (Newton)
11:45 Two Phase Mechanically Pumped Loop for Thermal Management of Space Applications - Dr Giuseppe ZUMMO (ENEA)   (Newton)
12:00 Model-Based Software for Efficient Space Operations - Dr Peter MENDHAM (Bright Ascension Ltd)   (Newton)
12:15 Artificial Intelligence to enhance CubeSats Mission Autonomy - Mr Lorenzo FERUGLIO (AIKO SRL)   (Newton)
12:30 Space-COTS == presentation cancelled - Mr Jaime ESTELA (Spectrum Aerospace Technologies UG)   (Newton)
08:55 Welcome - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)
CubeSat Lessons Learned and Engineering Best Practices -Mr Paolo Concari (ESA/ESTEC) (until 10:30) (Newton)
09:00 Mission Reliability - lessons from the Oil & Gas Industry - Mr Hans VAN DE VORST (SecuoS BV)   (Newton)
09:15 SpaceSuit(e): A smart solution for space environment effects analysis for small and medium space systems - Ms Amandine CHAMPLAIN (Artenum)   (Newton)
09:30 Radiation hardness simulations and assurance - Prof. Behcet ALPAT (INFN)   (Newton)
09:45 Thermal Design, Analysis and Test of CubeSats - Dr Philipp HAGER (ESA/ESTEC)   (Newton)
10:00 Mechanical and Thermal Analysis & Design Services for high-performance payloads - Mr Silvio MASANTE (Space Structures GmbH)   (Newton)
10:15 New space technology centre and test facility dedicated for 1-12U CubeSat missions - Mr Balazs ZABORI (MTA Centre for Energy Research)   (Newton)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 Working Groups Objectives & Organisation - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)
Working Groups Discussion Points (until 12:00) (Newton)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Company Presentations on CubeSat Missions, Systems & Services -Mr Tor-Arne Grönland (NanoSpace) (until 15:00) (Newton)
14:00 An Innovative Approach to Cubesats Deployment and Dispersion: The D-Orbit ION Cubesat Carrier - Mr Stefano ANTONETTI (D-ORBIT)   (Newton)
14:15 The KSATlite Ground Station Network - Enabling the full potential of Small Satellite - Mr Jan SCHULTE (Kongsberg Satellite Services)   (Newton)
14:30 Ground segment architecture and services for commercial and scientific cubesat/nanosat missions - Mr Alessio DI SALVO (NEXT Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA)   (Newton)
14:45 Integrated mission design for small satellites - Mr Kartik KUMAR (Satsearch)   (Newton)
15:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Company Presentations on CubeSat Subsystems, Products and Technologies -Dr Christopher Bridges (Surrey Space Center) Mr Johan Vennekens (ESA/ESTEC) (until 18:30) (Newton)
15:15 GomSpace status and product port-folios - Mr Lars Krogh ALMINDE (GomSpace Aps)   (Newton)
15:30 Sirius - C&DH and Power management for advanced Cubesat missions with high requirements for reliability - Mr Iraklis Hatziathanasiou (ÅAC Microtec)   (Newton)
15:45 On-orbit Performance of Robust, Power-efficient OBDH - Dr Klaus SCHILLING (Center for Telematics / S4 GmbH)   (Newton)
16:00 12 years of successful deployers by Astrofein - Dr Yawen HUANG-WOLFF (Astro- und Feinwerktechnik Adlershof GmbH)   (Newton)
16:15 Time Delay Integration CCD-in-CMOS imagers and monolithic integrated spectral filters for Earth Observation - Dr Piet DE MOOR (IMEC)   (Newton)
16:30 High performance Camera for Cubesat - Mr Roland GEYL (Safran Reosc)   (Newton)
16:45 Advanced 3D printed optical payloads for Earth Observation - Mr Nicolas ROUSSELET (Optimized System Engineering)   (Newton)
17:00 Optical Communications Terminals for cubesats - Mr Ivan FERRARIO (TNO)   (Newton)
17:15 High Data Rate Optical Communication Payload OSIRIS for CubeSat Missions - Mr Christopher SCHMIDT (German Aerospace Center)   (Newton)
17:30 Compact Attitude Control System for CubeSats - Mr James BARRINGTON-BROWN (NewSpace Systems Limited)   (Newton)
17:45 Spacestar: Realtime in orbit Cubesat positioning at centimetre level using a GNSS receiver - Mr Hans VISSER (Fugro-Intersite BV)   (Newton)
18:00 Advanced components including Integrated attitude and orbit control for small missions - Dr Steven ENGELEN (Hyperion Technologies)   (Newton)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
IOD CubeSat Projects in ESA Technology Programme -Dr Roger Walker (ESA/ESTEC) (until 15:30) (Newton)
13:45 RADCUBE, a CubeSat for space weather applications - Mr Gábor Marosy (C3S Electronics Development LLC)   (Newton)
14:00 From GOMX-3 flight success to GOMX-4B, an advanced nanosat IOD mission - Mr Lars Krogh ALMINDE (GomSpace Aps)   (Newton)
14:15 Preparing the HyperScout In-Orbit Demonstration - Dr Marco ESPOSITO (Cosine Measurement Systems)   (Newton)
14:30 Remote Sensing of Ozone with PICASSO and ALTIUS - Dr Jan THOEMEL (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy)   (Newton)
14:45 Flight Software for the PICASSO & QARMAN Missions - Dr Peter MENDHAM (Bright Ascension Ltd)   (Newton)
15:00 Lessons Learnt from ESA's OPS-SAT Mission - Mr David Evans (ESA/ESOC)   (Newton)
15:15 NanoSat MO Framework: A software framework for OPS-SAT Experimenters - Mr Cesar COELHO (TU Graz/ESA)   (Newton)
CubeSat projects in other ESA programmes -Dr Jan Thoemel (Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy) (until 16:15) (Newton)
15:30 Pioneer - Establishing IOD/IOV as a Service - Dr Christopher TOPPING (ESA/ESTEC)   (Newton)
15:45 CubeISSat: proximity operations for autonomous space drones - Mr Maurizio Vanotti (Tyvak)   (Newton)
16:00 Business Model for an Open Source CubeSat Ecosystem - Dr Redouane BOUMGHAR (ESA/ESOC)   (Newton)
16:15 --- Coffee Break ---
ESA CubeSat-related Technology Development Activities -Dr Philipp Hager (ESA/ESTEC) (until 17:15) (Newton)
16:30 A high data-rate reconfigurable Ka-band transceiver fitting on cubesats - Mr Guerric DE CROMBRUGGHE (Antwerp Space)   (Newton)
16:45 Deorbiting kits for cubesats - Mr Lorenzo Tarabini (SENER)   (Newton)
17:00 An Open Architecture for Space and Ground Segment of Cubesat Missions - Dr Mehran SARKARATI (ESA/ESOC)   (Newton)
ESA CubeSat mission studies -Dr Sabrina Corpino (Politecnico di Torino) (until 18:00) (Newton)
17:15 Sysnova LUCE mission concepts/description - Mr Johan VENNEKENS (ESA/ESTEC)   (Newton)
17:30 M-ARGO: Miniaturised Asteroid Remote Geophysical Observer mission - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)
17:45 e.Inspector mission - Mr Andrew WOLAHAN (ESA/ESTEC)   (Newton)
18:00 Social Event (Drink)   (Newton)
Working Groups Discussion (until 13:00) (Newton)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Working Groups Discussion (until 15:00) (Newton)
Working Groups Findings (until 16:00) (Newton)
16:00 Wrap-up - Dr Roger Walker (ESA)   (Newton)