Clean Space Industrial Days 2018

from Tuesday, 23 October 2018 (08:00) to Thursday, 25 October 2018 (18:30)
ESTEC (Erasmus building)

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23 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018
10:00 Opening of the Clean Space Industrial Days   (Erasmus building)
Rountables - Sara Morales Serrano (until 11:10) (Erasmus building)
Rountables - Tiago Soares (TEC-SYE) (until 12:20) (Erasmus building)
Interactive sessions - Alexander Soucek (until 09:30) (Erasmus building)
09:00 On-orbit satellite servicing / Close Proximity Operations Legal aspects - Alexander Soucek   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign - Nicolas Thiry (Thales Alenia Space) (until 11:00) ()
09:30 Umicore’s strategy to increase Germanium resource efficiency for future low-carbon space multijunction solar cell technology - Dr Rufi Kurstjens (Umicore)   ()
10:00 Compatibility of welded propellant systems with new green propellants - Sammy Graham (European Astrotech) Chris Smith (European Astrotech Ltd)   ()
10:30 Environmentally friendly polyurethane materials for space applications - Dr Ugis Cabulis (Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry)   ()
Interactive sessions - Andrew Wolahan (ESA) (until 11:00) (Erasmus building)
09:30 Close-Proximity Operations - Andrew Wolahan (ESA)   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign - Lucia Pigliaru (materials and processes engineer) (until 12:30) ()
11:30 Integrating CRM obsolescence risks into the pre-design stages of space missions - Mr Pierre-Alexis Duvernois (Deloitte)   ()
12:00 Integrating REACH obsolescence risks into the pre-design stages of space missions - Augustin Chanoine (Deloitte)   ()
Interactive sessions - Luisa Innocenti (ESA) (until 13:00) (Erasmus building)
11:30 Interactive session: Design for removal - Luisa Innocenti (ESA)   (Erasmus building)
12:30 Space Debris, waste or value? - Frank Koch (Orbit Recycling)   (Erasmus building)
Interactive sessions - Stijn Lemmens (European Space Agency) (until 09:30) (Erasmus building)
09:00 SpaceDebrisMitigation: Methods Master8, Drama3 and Estimate - Stijn Lemmens (European Space Agency)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 11:10) (Erasmus building)
09:30 Probabilistic modelling of space object controlled reentry and ground risk estimation - Francois Sanson (Inria)   (Erasmus building)
10:30 Probabilistic Assessment of Destructive Re-entry - James Beck (Belstead Research Ltd)   (Erasmus building)
Workshop: responsibility and sustainability in the space sector (until 13:00) (Erasmus building)
Interactive sessions (until 13:00) (Erasmus building)
12:30 Reliability model and criteria supporting satellite life extension and safe disposal - Lorenzo Bitetti (Thales Alenia Space)   (Erasmus building)
Rountables - Robin Biesbroek (ESA) (until 13:00) (Erasmus building)
Active Debris removal and Space Servicing Vehicle - Robin Biesbroek (ESA) (until 15:30) (Erasmus building)
14:00 e.Deorbit and the Space Servicing Vehicle - Andrew Wolahan (ESA)   ()
14:30 Capturing and deorbiting Envisat with an Airbus Spacetug. Results from the ESA e.deorbit Consolidation Phase study. - Stéphane Estable (Airbus)   ()
15:00 RemoveDebris Preliminary Mission Results - Ben Taylor (University of Surrey)   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign - Andrew Wilson (University of Strathclyde) (until 15:30) (Erasmus building)
14:00 EcoDesign at ESA - Sara Morales Serrano   ()
14:30 GreenSat - Mr Pierre-Alexis Duvernois (Deloitte Sustainability) Mr Nicolas Thiry (Thales Alenia Space) Mr Augustin Chanoine (Deloitte Sustainability)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 GreenSat: ecodesign of the PROBA-V mission - Ms An Vercalsteren (VITO)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 15:40) (Erasmus building)
14:00 ESA CleanSat roadmap - Tiago Soares (ESA)   (Erasmus building)
14:20 SDM Requirement for future Sentinels - Guido Levrini (ESA)   ()
14:40 CNES initiative : Tech for Space Care - Pierre Omaly (CNES)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 AIRBUS LEO Platforms compliance to SDM - Mr Saturnino VAL SERRA (Airbus Defence and Space) Mr Daniel BRIOT (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Erasmus building)
15:20 TAS LEO platforms compliance to SDM - Nicolas Thiry (Thales Alenia Space)   (Erasmus building)
Active Debris removal and Space Servicing Vehicle - Robin Biesbroek (ESA) (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Astroscale’s ELSA-d Mission and ESA Support Mechanisms - Dr Jason Forshaw (Astroscale)   (Erasmus building)
16:30 SPACE DRONE™ Adaptable Servicing Spacecraft - Danna Linn Barnett (Effective Space Solution)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 Active Debris Removal : a possible solution for Mega constellations - Mrs carole Billot (Thales Alenia Space)   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Environmental Life Cycle Impact Analysis of A6 in Exploitation Phase - Ms Aurélie Gallice (ArianeGroup)   (Erasmus building)
16:30 Life Cycle Assessment of Ground Segment in space sector - Mr MICHELE DE SANTIS (Rina Consulting S.p.A.)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 ARA-Atmospheric Re-entry Assessment - Mr Simone Bianchi (Thales Alenia Space)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Battery safety and passivation - Mathilde Aouizerate (Airbus)   (Erasmus building)
16:20 Batteries explosive properties characterization for LEO Satellites - Mr Bartosz Jakusz (Jakusz SpaceTech Sp. z o.o.)   (Erasmus building)
16:40 ESA overview of Fluidic Passivation State of the Art and available passivation valves - Andreas Gernoth (ESA)   ()
17:00 Numerical Simulations for Spacecraft Catastrophic Disruption Analysis - Dr Martin Schimmerohn (Fraunhofer EMI)   (Erasmus building)
Interactive sessions - Tanya Keusen (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)) Alexander Soucek (until 19:00) (Erasmus building)
18:00 Long-Term Sustainability of Space Activities - Alexander Soucek   (Erasmus building)
18:30 Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space & Guidelines for the long-term sustainability of outer space activities - Tanya Keusen (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA))   (Erasmus building)
19:00 --- Social event: Dinner ---
Active Debris removal and Space Servicing Vehicle - Jesus Gil (ESA/ESTEC) (until 15:30) (Erasmus building)
14:00 Guidance, Navigation & Control building blocks for Space Servicing Vehicles and Active Debris Removal missions - Dr Jesus Gil (ESA/ESTEC)   (Erasmus building)
14:20 Spectral imagers for relative navigation, on-orbit servicing and debris removal - Marco Esposito (cosine Research BV)   (Erasmus building)
14:40 The RVS3000 rendezvous and docking sensor technology - Hans Knut Raue (Jena-Optronik GmbH)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 COMRADE - Fully Combined Control for Active Debris Removal - Joao Branco (GMV)   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign - Camilla Colombo (Politecnico di Milano) (until 15:40) (Erasmus building)
14:00 Harmonized space LCA data for efficient ecodesign - Prof. Johan Berg Pettersen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))   (Erasmus building)
14:20 The Strathclyde Space Systems Database: Life Cycle Sustainability Results of the MÌOS Mission - Andrew Ross Wilson (University of Strathclyde)   (Erasmus building)
14:40 EPFL first steps toward the Eco Design of the CleanSpace One satellite - Ms Muriel Richard-Noca (EPFL Space Center)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 User experience of the ESA LCA Handbook and database - Katrien Boonen (VITO)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 15:30) (Erasmus building)
14:00 Improved Understanding of Reaction Wheel Demise through Testing and Analysis Within the ReDSHIFT Project - James Beck (Belstead Research Ltd)   (Erasmus building)
14:30 Methodology and results of demisability testing for state-of-the-art structural joining technologies - Mark Fittock (OHB)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 Exothermic reaction aided spacecraft demise - Geert Smet (ESA)   (Erasmus building)
Active Debris removal and Space Servicing Vehicle - Gianfranco Visentin (ESA) (until 18:00) (Erasmus building)
16:00 ESA - Gianfranco Visentin (ESA)   (Erasmus building)
16:20 Compliant control of the robotic arm during clamping operation in the e.Deorbit mission - Dr Tomasz Rybus (Space Research Centre (CBK PAN))   (Erasmus building)
16:40 I3DS: Integrated 3D Sensor Suit for On-Orbit Servicing - Mr Jaroslaw Jaworski (PIAP)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 Pre-Development of the Clamping Mechanism for e.Deorbit mission - Iñigo Sard (AVS)   (Erasmus building)
17:20 Development of clamping mechanism for Active Debris Removal missions and Space Servicing Vehicles - Mr Marcin Wygachiewicz (SENER Sp. z o.o.) Ms Karolina Podulka (SENER Sp. z o.o.)   (Erasmus building)
17:40 Robotics Technologies Enabling the Nascent Commercial On-Orbit Servicing Market - Gregory Peckover (MDA)   (Erasmus building)
Ecodesign - Stijn Lemmens (European Space Agency) (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Assessing the impact of space debris on the orbital resource in LCA: a proposed method and case study - Mr Thibaut Maury (Ariane Group / Univ. Bordeaux)   (Erasmus building)
16:30 A debris index as a metric of the environment capacity - Dr Francesca Letizia (European Space Agency)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 Assessing the potential loss of value on the orbital resource caused by Space Debris: towards an LCA endpoint characterisation - Mr Alexandre Maynard (université de Bordeaux)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Initial Considerations for Re-entry Breakup Experiment - James Merrifield (Fluid Gravity Engineering)   (Erasmus building)
16:20 Demisability analysis of Solar Array Drive Mechanism - Patrik Kärräng (Hyperschall Technologie Göttingen (HTG))   (Erasmus building)
16:40 Demisable Tank - Mr Sylvain Goek (ArianeGroup)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 Demisability analysis of Reaction Wheels - Patrik Kärräng (Hyperschall Technologie Göttingen (HTG)) Markus Ehinger (RockwellCollins)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 19:00) (Erasmus building)
18:00 New Design for Demise technology concepts for structural joining technologies - Mark Fittock (OHB)   (Erasmus building)
18:20 Demisable Joint - Mrs Lilith Grassi (Thales Alenia Space)   (Erasmus building)
18:40 ALTRAN_D4D Building Blocks - Evolutions & Way Forward - Stephane HEINRICH (ALTRAN)   (Erasmus building)
ATD Meeting (until 17:00) (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 15:40) (Erasmus building)
14:00 An introduction to the Semi-Controlled Re-Entry concept and demonstration of its performance - Dr Kristen Lagadec (Airbus Defence and Space) Dr Nicolas Lévêque (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Erasmus building)
14:20 Controlled re-entry trade-off for LEO satellites - Sébastien Perrault   (Erasmus building)
14:40 Current status of Pre-Qualification of Aluminium-Free Solid Propellant - Mr Pawel Nowakowski (Institute of Aviation)   (Erasmus building)
15:00 TeSeR – Technology for Self-Removal – Status of a Horizon 2020 Project to Ensure the Post Mission Disposal of Future Spacecraft - Cornelius Vogt (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Erasmus building)
15:20 Novel Thrust Vectoring Mechanism Design for Controlled De-Orbiting based on Solid Rocket Motor Propulsion - Fabrice Rottmeier (Almatech) Anett Krammer (Almatech)   (Erasmus building)
Space Debris Mitigation (until 17:30) (Erasmus building)
16:00 Lessons learnt from the past three years of activity in Space Debris - Mrs Eleonora Luraschi (D-ORBIT) Mr Stefano Antonetti (D-ORBIT)   (Erasmus building)
16:20 The ADEO Passive De-Orbit Subsystem: Reference Mission Selection and Preliminary Design of Proto Flight Model - Thomas Sinn (HPS GmbH)   (Erasmus building)
16:40 ARTICA: Cubesat deorbiting system - Niccolò Bellini (NPC New Production Concept)   (Erasmus building)
17:00 Effects of passive de-orbiting with sails on the space debris environment - Camilla Colombo (Politecnico di Milano)   (Erasmus building)