Hera Mission Industry day

Monday, 4 February 2019 - 10:00
ESTEC Erasmus High-Bay (Erasmus High-Bay)

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4 Feb 2019
10:00 Welcome & logistic - Ian Carnelli (ESA)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
10:05 Welcome by Franco Ongaro - Mr Franco Ongaro (ESA)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
10:10 Overview of current Hera mission activities in GSTP - Mr Udo Becker (ESA)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
10:25 Hera mission overview - Mr Ian Carnelli (ESA)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
10:40 Hera spacecraft platform - Paolo Martino (European Space Agency)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
11:00 Hera mission payload - Michael Kueppers (ESA/ESAC)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
11:20 Phase B2CD industrial work - Marc Scheper (OHB System - Bremen)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
Industries presentations (until 13:00) (Erasmus High-Bay)
12:00 Feasibility analysis of a Goal Oriented Autonomy Experiment on HERA - Mr Andrea Pellacani (GMV)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
12:15 HERA Mission - Contribution from Belgium - SPACEBEL - Mr Michel Gruslin   (Erasmus High-Bay)
12:30 HERA - TAS potential contribution - Mr Ezio Alippi (TAS)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
12:45 New technology enabling deep space cubesat missions - Mr Eric Bertels (ISIS - Innovative Solutions in Space B.V.)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
13:00 --- Lunch break ---
Industries presentations (until 16:00) (Erasmus High-Bay)
14:00 ALTEC interests and potential contributions to HERA mission - Giovanni Martucci di Scarfizzi (ALTEC S.p.A.)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
14:15 Thermally isolated micro-platform for asteroid landing - Dr José A. Carrasco (EMXYS)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
14:30 DEIMOS Space & HERA - Mariano Sánchez Nogales (DEIMOS Space S.L.U.) Simone Centuori (DEIMOS Space)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
14:45 Off The Shelf Space qualified CMOS Camera - Wissam Durand Mouallem (3D PLUS)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
15:00 3D Vision & SatCom for HERA - Gerhard Paar (JOANNEUM RESEARCH)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
15:15 Argotec Company Presentation - Biagio Cotugno (Argotec srl)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
15:30 TECNOBIT Capabilities for HERA - JUAN CARLOS CASTELLANOS PEÑA (TECNOBIT)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
15:45 Innovative Electronics - Design and Development Services - Mr Ruzicka Klaus (Art of Technology AG)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
Industries presentations (until 18:20) (Erasmus High-Bay)
16:30 BD SENSORS CSRC - Dr Marek Simcak   (Erasmus High-Bay)
16:45 A multi-purpose, multi-spectral, miniaturised payload for Hera, based on the HyperScout-2 platform - Pierluigi Foglia Manzillo (cosine measurement systems)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
17:00 Ultra Wide Band for intra-spacecraft communications - Ovidiu Ratiu (Control Data Systems SRL, Romania)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
17:10 Wireless for satellite AIT operations - Ovidiu Ratiu (Control Data Systems SRL, Romania)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
17:20 HPS Romania Company Outline & Heritage - Mrs Asttrid Draguleanu (HPS Romania) Mr Iulian Juhasz (HPS Romania)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
17:35 Spacive Company presentation - Piotr Osica (Spacive Sp. z o.o.)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
17:50 Orbital Propulsion Experience and Capabilities - Mr Timo Krone (ArianeGroup GmbH)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
18:05 Data-driven engineering - accelerating hardware development with Valispace - Ms Louise Lindblad (Valispace)   (Erasmus High-Bay)
Networking cocktail (until 20:00) (Erasmus High-Bay)