15th ESA Workshop on Avionics, Data, Control and Software Systems ~ ADCSS2021

from Tuesday, 16 November 2021 (08:30) to Thursday, 18 November 2021 (18:00)
Virtual (Let's Get Digital)

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16 Nov 2021
17 Nov 2021
18 Nov 2021
08:30 Live Lobby   (Let's Get Digital)
SAVOIR Status (until 11:00) (Let's Get Digital)
09:00 Welcome & Logistics - Joachim Fuchs (ESA/ESTEC) Bénédicte Girouart (ESA/ESTEC) Ali Zadeh (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:10 Introduction by Session Chair - Jean-Loup TERRAILLON (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:40 AUTOCODE working group (automatic code generation for AOCS/GNC SW) - Davide Oddenino (ESA-ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:10 SAVOIR-FAIRE - Ms Délia Cellarier (Thales Alenia Space France)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:40 SAVOIR FDIR Handbook V2 - Silvana Radu (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
11:00 --- Coffee Break ---
SAVOIR Activities (until 15:00) (Let's Get Digital)
11:30 Electronic Data Sheet Status - David Perillo (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
11:50 SAVOIR GS-002 (Boot Software) - Update - David Perillo (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:10 RTEMS SMP Qualification - Mr Javier Fernandez Salgado (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:30 --- Lunch Break ---
13:10 --- Networking Carrousel ---
13:30 Model Based Avionics - Mr Barthélémy Attanasio (Thales Alenia Space France) Mr David Peña Hidalgo (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:00 Model-Based FATI (Highly Integrated Avionics) - Mr Pierre Boan (CNES)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:30 Avionics - Power Interface Standardisation - Ferdinando Tonicello (ESA-ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
08:30 Live Lobby   (Let's Get Digital)
Artificial Intelligence for space software: applications, challenges, V&V (until 13:00) (Let's Get Digital)
09:00 Welcome & Introduction by Session Chair - Christophe HONVAULT (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:10 AIVIONIC AI techniques in On board Avionics and SW - Mr Baltazar Parreira (Deimos)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:40 AITAG - Artificial Intelligence Techniques in On-Board Avionics and Software - Mr Antonio Pastor González (GMV)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:10 Trust Through Explainability Of AI Based Space Software - Dr Jianing Song (CUL) Mr Nabil Aouf (CUL)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:40 Handbook: Machine Learning Qualification - Mr Uwe Brauer (Airbus DS)   (Let's Get Digital)
11:10 --- Coffee Break ---
11:40 Development methods and deployment of machine learning model inference for two Space Weather on-board analysis applications on several embedded systems - Dr Maris Tali (ESA/ESTEC) Ms Kyra Foerster (ESA/ESTEC) Mr Hugo Marques (ESA/ESTEC) Mr Malte Bargholz (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:00 Methods and deployment of machine learning on several embedded systems - Mr Ric Dengel (Lulea University of Technology)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:20 Orchestrating AI/ML applications in space using SpaceCloud Framework - Ms Alice Anlind (Unibap) Mr Fredrik Bruhn (Unibap)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:40 Conclusion & Way Forward - Christophe HONVAULT (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
08:30 Live Lobby   (Let's Get Digital)
Avionics Architectures for VBN (until 13:00) (Let's Get Digital)
09:00 Welcome & Introduction by Session Chair - Mr David Sanchez De la Llana (ESA/ESTEC) Mr Ilario Cantiello (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:10 The GENEVIS heritage: towards highly autonomous VBN systems for space rendezvous and landing - Mr Darius Djafari-Rouani (Airbus DS)   (Let's Get Digital)
09:40 GMV's FPGA based architectures (single-PFGA, multi-FPGA, etc.) as used in HERA and under further consolidation for exploration in ExPeRT activity - Mr David Gonzalez Arjona (GMV)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:10 OHB avionics solutions for the Vision Based Navigation of the European Large Logistic Lander - Mr Michel Jacquemard (OHB)   (Let's Get Digital)
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
11:10 TAS-F avionics solutions for VBN in space robotics missions : EROSS Scenario - Mr Vincent Dubanchet (Thales Alenia Space)   (Let's Get Digital)
11:40 ADRIOS/Clearspace-1 Avionics Needs and Challenges - Mr Jean-Sébastien Ardaens (ClearSpace)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:10 JOP experience and lessons learnt with integration of LIDARS in GNC/avionics processing chains - Mr Christophe Schmitt (Jena-Optronik) Mr Max Moeller (Jena-Optronik)   (Let's Get Digital)
12:40 Wrap-Up   (Let's Get Digital)
Exhibitors (until 15:15) (Let's Get Digital)
15:15 --- Coffee Break ---
Technology Planning (until 17:25) (Let's Get Digital)
15:45 Competence Domain 03 (Avionics) - Strategy Pillars - Olivier Mourra (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:05 Avionics R&D Harmonisation in 2021 - Jean-Loup TERRAILLON (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:25 Perspectives on Integrated Modular Avionics - Mr Hans-Juergen Herpel (ADS) Mr Dario Pascucci (TAS-I) Mr Dirk Felbach (OHB)   (Let's Get Digital)
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
Autonomous Avionics (until 18:00) (Let's Get Digital)
14:00 Welcome & Introduction by Session Chairs - Silvana Radu (ESA/ESTEC) Massimo Casasco (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:05 View of DLR: Overview of the GNC System for DLR’s Reusability Flight Experiment (ReFEx) - Mr Stephan Theil (DLR)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:25 View of CNES: ASTERIA - Autonomous collision risks management - Mr Jerome Thomassin (CNES)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:45 Moon Landing Systems PILOT latest developments, challenges and perspectives - Mr Xavier Lefort (ESA/ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
15:05 Space Rider: Avionics, GNC & SW architecture & challenges - Mr Olivier Rombout (ESA) Mr Gianluca Curti (ESA) Mr Aleix Hernandez (ESA/ESRIN)   (Let's Get Digital)
15:25 Q&A   (Let's Get Digital)
15:45 --- Coffee Break ---
16:00 Re-usable high reliability computer for autonomous missions - Mr Ruben Willems (QinetiQ)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:20 Avionics technology maturation and trends for future launchers - Mr Stephane Dussy (ESA/HQ)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:40 Collision Avoidance Process in ESOC - Mr Isidro Munoz (ESA/ESOC)   (Let's Get Digital)
17:00 Application of AI in safety critical environments: methods, chances and pitfalls - Mr Felix Govaers (Fraunhofer)   (Let's Get Digital)
17:20 Q&A   (Let's Get Digital)
17:40 Wrap-Up   (Let's Get Digital)
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
Consolidated and emerging OBC and Data Handling systems (until 18:00) (Let's Get Digital)
14:00 Welcome & Introduction by Session Chair - Olivier Mourra (ESA/ESTEC) Agustin Fernandez Leon (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:05 OBC, Data Handling and Microelectronics technology 2021 roadmaps - Olivier Mourra (ESA/ESTEC) Mr Agustin Fernandez Leon (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:30 Deterministic Ethernet as Enabler for Integrated Modular Avionics in the International Habitat - Mr Matthias Mäke-Kail (TTTech)   (Let's Get Digital)
14:55 GOMX5 Advanced P/L including new European space components - Mr Artur Kobyłkiewicz (GMV Innovating Solutions Sp. z o. o.) Mr Arne Samuelsson (Cobham Gaisler AB) Mr Eduardo Augusto Bezerra (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) Mr Roman Wawrzaszek (Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Science)   (Let's Get Digital)
15:20 --- Coffee Break ---
15:45 Evolution and impact of AI in space systems of systems - Ms Evridiki Vasileia Ntagiou (ESA)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:10 RISC-V: first steps into space - Roland Weigand (ESTEC)   (Let's Get Digital)
16:35 AI-based Anomaly Detection and Prognosis for P/F intelligence and autonomy - Mr Filippo Ales (ADS-FHN)   (Let's Get Digital)
17:00 Enhanced FDIR and new concept of space segment Operations through ML-based on board enabling technology - Mr Francesco Corallo (TAS-I) Mr Domenico Cascone (TAS-I) Mr Francesco Russo (TAS-I) Mr Carlo Ciancarelli (TAS-I)   (Let's Get Digital)
17:25 ML-based models and advanced learning architectures for on board spacecraft mission critical applications - Mr Riccardo Rovatti (UniBo)   (Let's Get Digital)
17:50 Closing ADCSS2021   (Let's Get Digital)