Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop 2022



Cristina De Persis (ESA) , Eva-Marie Dupuy, Julien Annaloro (CNES) , Louis Walpot (ESA/TEC-MPA) , Orr Cohen

The workshop is organized by the Working Group “ATD3” managed by ESA and CNES through the ESA Technology Directorate and the CNES Research and Technology Directorate.

As in all the previous editions, the upcoming Workshop has been designed with and for researchers, technicians, industry representatives, end-users and those with a general interest in the field, with the goal to exchange ideas, advance knowledge and discuss on the following topics: 

  • Continuum regime Aerothermodynamics 
  • High altitude regime Aerothermodynamics 
  • Fragmentation, ablation phenomena 
  • Experimental capabilities/measurement techniques 
  • Material and flow characterization 
  • Modelling improvements: refinement, verification, validation and comparison of numerical methods for space object re-entry simulation tools. 

The format of the event will be a sequential list of presentations of about 20 minutes each, with 5 minutes brief Q&A session per presentation.



Participation is free of charge, but the online registration is required.

It is now open at this link.


We cordially invite you to submit an abstract on your latest achievements. Your work will be considered for oral presentation at the Workshop.
"Call for abstract"  is now open at this link, where you can find all the relevant instructions.

The timeline is the following:

16 September 2022: Registration deadline

16 September 2022: Social Dinner registration deadline (details about how to pay the fee will follow soon)

16 September 2022: Abstract submission deadline

3 October 2022: Abstract selection announcement

10 October 2022: Complete program online

23 October 2022: Presentations submission deadline

27-28 October 2022: Workshop



The ATD3 Working Group aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Setting of a framework for verification, validation and comparison of numerical methods for space object reentry simulation tools. It is widely acknowledge that current state of the art tools feature strong modelling assumptions that introduce largely unquantified errors in the simulation deteriorate our capability to perform design for demise. For this reason the WG organizes yearly a test cases collaboration campaign.
  • Disseminating recent results within the ATD3 community. Members include academics (in particular PhD students) and experts from industry that can share recent results and on-going activities founded by ESA and CNES.
  • Coordinating and discussing future activities. The objective is to get expert opinion from the academic and industry sector regarding future activity in the domain of aerothermodynamics and  design for demise.

On 28th October, a slot will be reserved for the Annual Meeting of the Working group members. All the WG members will be invited by e-mail.

Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop
  • Antonio Caiazzo
  • Antonio Schettino
  • Ashish Vashishtha
  • Chris Ostrom
  • Claire Latappy
  • Cristina De Persis
  • Damien Toussaint
  • Dario Ferrari
  • Dominique Pirotais
  • Dongsheng Wen
  • Eva-Marie Dupuy
  • Filip Bobuski
  • Frederic Payot
  • Fábio Morgado
  • Hasan Abo Seida
  • Hermes Scandelli
  • Jacques COUZI
  • Jakub Šilha
  • Jan Martinez Schramm
  • Jean Lachaud
  • jean-marc bouilly
  • Jean-Philippe Braeunig
  • John Meyer
  • José Luis Carrasco Huillca
  • Laura Martí Ramos
  • Luigi Cutrone
  • Marco Fossati
  • Marianne Balat-Pichelin
  • Martin Spel
  • Morgan Lesage
  • Philippe Reynier
  • Pierre Hauwaert
  • Sai Abhishek Peddakotla
  • Simon Peluchon
  • Stijn Lemmens
  • Thorn Schleutker
  • Tiago Morão
  • Tomas Svitek
  • Viktorija Piaulokaite