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10-12 April 2017
Europe/London timezone
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Single Scattering classes and NIEL computation within a screened relativistic treatment


  • Dr. Mauro TACCONI

Primary authors


Single scattering classes G4eSingleCoulombScatteringModel and G4IonCoulombScatteringModel, included in Geant4, implement the screened-relativistic treatment for protons, ions and electrons incident on nuclei. This treatment accounts for effects due to the screened Coulomb fields, finite sizes and rest masses of nuclei. For electrons scattering on nuclei a complete treatment of Mott differential cross section is implemented. Nuclear form factors are implemented as well. These classes allow obtaining both the nuclear stopping power and the non-ionizing energy loss (NIEL) for protons, ions and electrons in any target material. Details of the classes will be presented along with comparisons of Geant4 results respect to analytic ones.