Workshop on Technology Ideas on Flight Vehicle and Fluid Dynamics Engineering

from Tuesday, 11 May 2021 (08:45) to Wednesday, 12 May 2021 (17:05)
On-line (Virtual)

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11 May 2021
12 May 2021
09:00 --- Workshop Introduction ---
09:10 Efficient Meshing and Post Processing for Aerothermodynamics Computations   (Virtual)
09:20 Pneumatic-Thermodynamic Models   (Virtual)
09:30 Tools for the design, analysis, and validation of ablation and erosion processes during heat transfer   (Virtual)
09:40 Development of advanced state-to state thermo-physical models for high energy atmospheric entries   (Virtual)
09:50 Calibrated Heat flux Device for Thermal Protection System Qualification in Europe’s Aerothermal Testing Facilities   (Virtual)
10:00 Experimental Characterisation for the Predictive Capabilities of Representative Spacecraft Materials and Structures   (Virtual)
10:10 Loadbalacing optimization techniques for fast radiative transfer simulations on distributed memory machines   (Virtual)
10:20 Development of a dedicated axisymmetric  nonequilibrium solver  for shock tubes   (Virtual)
10:30 Assessment of grid Fins designs of first stage recovery   (Virtual)
10:40 Design and testing of canidate re-usable TPS for an upper re-usable upper stage recovery system   (Virtual)
10:50 --- Break ---
11:05 Development of a Step and Gap Methodology for AIV/AIT from an Aerodynamic Perspective   (Virtual)
11:15 Morphing of Aero-Thermally Loaded Structures   (Virtual)
11:25 Disruptive Conceptual Sizing and Cost Optimization Methodology of Reusable Flight Vehicles   (Virtual)
11:35 Transient Multi-Phase Engineering Assessment Tools for Cryogenic and Green Propellants   (Virtual)
11:45 AIV/AIT Impact on Aero-Thermo-Mechanic Load Uncertainty Quantification   (Virtual)
11:55 Multi-disciplinary Design Methodology for Quiet High-Speed WIndtunnels   (Virtual)
09:00 --- Workshop introduction ---
09:10 Simulation of Spacecraft Generated Lunar Exosphere Evolution and Global/Local Ground Contamination   (Virtual)
09:20 Methods for Characterisation of Plume Radiation   (Virtual)
09:30 Flushed Air Data Sensing System for Entry Missions   (Virtual)
09:40 Capture of flight demonstration data, Storage, and Analysis to Improve Aerothermodynamics Methods and Tools   (Virtual)
09:50 Prototyping of Technology for Moon Transfer Stages in Support of Logistic Missions   (Virtual)
10:00 SmallSat Exploration Missions Utilizing Commercial European Microlauncher System Capabilities   (Virtual)
10:10 --- Break ---
10:25 0D and 1D Aerothermodynamics Tools for Accurate Modelling   (Virtual)
10:35 Thruster plume characterizatrion and assessment of their potential impact on spacecraft   (Virtual)
10:45 Multi-metal additives in solid rocket motors   (Virtual)
10:55 Validation of methods for rarefied-flow aero-thermodynamics   (Virtual)
11:05 --- Break ---
11:20 Green Propellant usage in long duration exploration missions   (Virtual)
11:30 Post Flight Data Analysis Tools-set   (Virtual)
11:40 Gas-Surface Interaction and Soil Erosion due to Pulsed Jets   (Virtual)
11:50 Hypersonic Shockwave/Boundary-layer Interaction on Ramps and Flap Deflections   (Virtual)
12:05 Magnetic Suspension Balance Systems (MSBS)   (Virtual)
12:15 --- Lunch break ---
13:15 Particle Laden Flow Designs   (Virtual)
13:25 Combined Aero-Propulsive Testing Capabilities with Active Rocket Engines   (Virtual)
13:35 Bio-Inspired Micro-Textures on Improving Flight Control Devices   (Virtual)
13:45 Development of a Hypersonic Flight Research Vehicle Demonstrator   (Virtual)
13:55 Prototype of Re-usable Concepts for Space Transportation Flight Vehicle Engineering   (Virtual)
14:05 In-Orbit Experimentation of Two-Phase Flow Phenomenon for Cryogenic Propulsion Systems   (Virtual)
14:15 Atmospheric Mapping by Automated Probe Drones on Skipping Trajectories   (Virtual)
14:25 --- Break ---
14:40 Prediction Fluid Dynamics Methods for Propellant Tanks   (Virtual)
14:50 Interaction of Fluid and Structures under Sloshing Conditions   (Virtual)
15:00 Toolset for the Design of Cryogenics Systems   (Virtual)
15:10 Material Point Method for Sloshing and Multiphase Flows   (Virtual)
15:20 Improved Ullage Bubble Dynamics Model   (Virtual)
15:30 CFD and breadboard testing for empirical data for non-isothermal applications   (Virtual)
15:40 Development of an Experiment for Transient Phase Change Aspects in Microgravity for Storable or Cryogenic media   (Virtual)
15:50 Spacecraft Re-fuelling Ground Testing   (Virtual)
16:00 --- Break ---
16:15 Acoustic manipulation methods for cryogenic flows   (Virtual)
16:25 Cryogenic aspects of refuelling   (Virtual)
16:35 Instrumentation for Cryogenics Propellant Tanks   (Virtual)
16:45 Ultrasonic Non-intrusive Measurement Techniques for Storable and Cryogenic Liquids   (Virtual)
16:55 Development of a Sloshing and Refuelling Spacecraft Demonstrator for Micro-gravity with Non-intrusive In-flight Diagnostics   (Virtual)
17:05 Development and Flight Validation of Multi-physic Tools for Propulsion Controlled Landing   (Virtual)
17:15 Development of a Flight-back Booster Demonstrator Phase B   (Virtual)
17:25 --- Wrap-up ---
12:00 Multi-disciplinary Tool Coupling for Flight Vehicle Engineering   (Virtual)
12:10 --- Lunch break ---
13:00 Development of a unified rarefied-continuum computational approach   (Virtual)
13:10 High-enthalpy experiments in a high shear-stress and tensile-stress environment for demise   (Virtual)
13:20 Development of an ablation sensor for space debris flight experiment for melting materials   (Virtual)
13:30 Derisk Assessment of an Air-Breathing-Electric Propulsion (ABEP) system for a cubsat prospecting Mars   (Virtual)
13:40 Assessment of a very-high cargo Mars lander vehicle   (Virtual)
13:50 Pre-development of an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) for Mars Exploration   (Virtual)
14:00 --- Break ---
14:15 Computational Fluid Dynamics Acceleration Through Hardware   (Virtual)
14:25 Multi-Phase Aspects in Cooling Hot Structures and Heat Exchangers in satellites   (Virtual)
14:35 Measurement Techniques for Storable Propellant Tanks   (Virtual)
14:45 Validation of Complex Propellant Network Models   (Virtual)
14:55 Improvement of Propulsion Component Models   (Virtual)
15:05 Demonstrator of a Detonation Propulsion System   (Virtual)
15:15 Assessment and Improvement of Turbo-pump Chill-down   (Virtual)
15:25 Aero-thermodynamics characterization of re-entry bodies in hyper-velocity flows   (Virtual)
15:35 --- Break ---
15:50 New generation of sensors and instruments for aerothermodynamics   (Virtual)
16:00 Pre-development of a Miniaturised Advanced Common Atmospheric Probe (MACAP)   (Virtual)
16:10 CFD Cavitation Tools for Thermal Protection Systems   (Virtual)
16:20 Launch Upper Stages and Re-entry Vehicles Heat Exchangers for Cooling Hot Structures   (Virtual)
16:30 CFD Tools for the design/conception of Propellant Management Systems   (Virtual)
16:40 --- Wrap-up ---