22-23 November 2022
Cranfield University
Europe/London timezone

This event is a follow-on event to the initial European hypervelocity impact risk assessment forum held in Nov 2021. In this iteration it was agreed to focus on Ballistic Limit Equations (BLEs).

The following set of technical questions were initially identified:

  • What is a BLE and how to apply it?
  • Which BLE to apply to a specific (complex) shielding configuration?
  • What and how large are the uncertainties on BLEs and the resulting risk in hypervelocity impact risk assessments?
  • When is usage of a heritage BLE sufficient and when are updates to BLE parameters by test/simulation or new analytical formulations of BLEs reasonable?
  • How well is it possible to inter- or extrapolate from tested or simulated BLE parameter sets?
  • Are results from additional tests or simulations in line with the heritage BLEs and corresponding parameter values or are updates needed?
  • How can we ensure/assess adequacy of BLEs in untested and/or untestable parameter ranges, e.g. at high impact velocities?

A dedicated interactive session is proposed at the end of the event to exchange on the event and streamline a way forward towards future events.

Social events will be organized around the agenda and be advertised soon.

Cranfield University
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