This SPINE workshop is an open forum on new  research and technological results, needs and plans in the area of spacecraft plasma interactions. 

We would like to propose a physical meeting, we prepared a survey including a few geographic locations here :

Contributions will be welcome in all topics of interest for the European spacecraft/plasma community at large.

For the 29th edition we are especially encouraging contributions relevant to the following topics :

-  Evolution of Internal Charging analyses and models (e.g. real time)
-  Dust charging effects and interactions with systems in the context of lunar exploration (and Deep Space Gateway)
-  Plasma measurements onboard ongoing Science missions
-  Gaps in plasma Environment data coverage and exploitation  
- Electrical propulsion and plumes interaction with spacectraft, modelling and experiments, flight data analysis

Contributions addressing all other aspects such as :

  • Evolution of surface and internal charging environments and standards  
  • Material properties (measurements, new materials, etc ..)
  • Ground and space based experiments for surface and internal charging
  • Electric propulsion driven plasma environments, electrical orbit raising
  • Innovative numerical methods and approaches for surface and internal charging applications
  • Charging of Cubesats, Nanosats, effects on (miniaturised) instrumentation
  • Plasma (instrumentation and spacecraft electrostatic cleanliness)
  • Simulation tools performances, current and future developments, interoperability between tools

are also welcome.

A deadline for contribution will be posted beginning of May.

Looking forward to fruitful discussions as always and please stay tuned !