30 November 2022 to 2 December 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

This SPINE workshop is an open forum on new  research and technological results, needs and plans in the area of spacecraft plasma interactions. 

Contributions will be welcome in all topics of interest for the European spacecraft/plasma community at large.

For the 29th edition we are especially encouraging contributions relevant to the following topics :

  • Evolution of Internal Charging analyses and models, real time approaches
  • Dust charging effects and interactions with systems in the context of lunar exploration and e.g. Deep Space Gateway
  • Platform effects on Plasma measurements onboard Scientific missions 
  • Measurements of the Earth plasmasphere , data exploitation and gaps
  • Electrical propulsion and plumes interaction with spacecraft, modelling and experiments, flight data analysis
  •  High Performance computing and application to numerical codes for spacecraft - plasma interactions 

Contributions addressing all other aspects such as :

  • Evolution of surface and internal charging environments and standards  
  • Material properties (measurements, new materials, etc ..)
  • Ground and space based experiments for surface and internal charging
  • Electric propulsion driven plasma environments, electrical orbit raising
  • Innovative numerical methods and approaches for surface and internal charging applications
  • Charging of Cubesats, Nanosats, effects on (miniaturised) instrumentation
  • Plasma (instrumentation and spacecraft electrostatic cleanliness)
  • Simulation tools performances, current and future developments, interoperability between tools

are also welcome.

Please note that:

- registrations will be possible from August 1st 00:00CET and until October 14th, 18:00CET 

- the deadline to submit a contribution is October 14th, 18:00CET 

Looking forward to meet you there !


Bengt Hultqvists väg 1 SE-981 92 Kiruna
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