Space Optimisation Competition (SpOC) Workshop

Einstein (ESTEC + Teams)


ESTEC + Teams

Emmanuel Blazquez (European Space Agency), Alexander Hadjiivanov, Dario Izzo (Advanced Concepts Team), Leopold Summerer (ESA)

SpOC was imagined by the European Space Agency - ESA's Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) in partnership with the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO).

Participants competed during three months to solve three optimisation challenges in order to settle the TRAPPIST-1 exoplanetary system.

This workshop is an opportunity for the SpOC community to reflect on the first edition of the competition, and prepare for the years to come.The three best overall teams as well as the winner of the "Delivery Scheduling" challenge will be given the opportunity to present their work in front of the SpOC community and experts at the European Space Agency.

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