This event is the third iteration of the European hypervelocity impact risk assessment forum. The topical focus of this event is on experimental and numerical testing.

This is an indicative list of related questions:

  • Which are the facilities available for experimental testing and their capabilities/limitations in Europe?
  • Which are the numerical simulations tools available for numerical testing and their capabilities/limitations in Europe?
  • How are numerical and/or experimental tests performed, e.g. what is necessary as input and what can be expected as output?
  • How well do numerical and/or experimental test results match with heritage data or models, in particular Ballistic Limit Equations?
  • Is there a better process than Ballistic Limit Equations to include numerical and/or experimental test results into statistical spacecraft level impact risk assessments?
  • What are current trends and future needs/applications of numerical and/or experimental test capabilities?

A dedicated interactive session is intended at the end of the event to exchange on the event and streamline a way forward towards future events.

In-person participation to the event is strongly encouraged. Remote participation to the meeting is intended to be possible - to be detailed later.

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