14-17 March 2016
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
"Orbiting Towards the Future"

An Access Point to ESA’s Space Debris Data: The Space Debris Office Web Based Tools

15 Mar 2016, 15:00
3.03 Germanium (Darmstadtium)

3.03 Germanium


Oral presentation at the conference 10: Debris, Safety and Awareness Debris, Safety and Awareness (III)


Mr Quirin Funke (IMS Space Consultancy GmbH at ESA)


With DISCOS (Database and Information System Characterising Objects in Space) ESA’s Space Debris Office has a very powerful database in hands when it comes to space debris related analyses. It serves as a single-source reference for launch information, object registration details, launch vehicle descriptions, spacecraft information (e.g. size, mass, shape, mission objectives, owner), as well as orbital data histories for all trackable objects, which sum up to more than 40000 object entries. Based on DISCOS and USSTRATCOM TLEs, the Space Debris Office routinely predicts upcoming re-entries as well as performs detailed analyses on high interest re-entries and ad-hoc risk assessments to missions after severe fragmentation events. To support these processes, the Space Debris Office also does their own solar activity prediction, based on publicly available solar activity data, with the SOLMAG tool. All this data is of high interest not only within ESA but to the whole space flight community. It can be a valuable asset for analyses and operational processes, including but not limited to Space Debris related studies and collision avoidance. A reliable and controlled access to this information with maintained data quality is thus fundamental for the community. To accomplish this, the Space Debris Office is currently developing web based tools for DISCOS data access, including a machine friendly REST API, fragmentation analyses, and re-entry predictions. These will be complemented by web pages of more static nature, like the SOLMAG solar activity predictions, and of course by the already established Space Debris User Portal (https://sdup.esoc.esa.int) serving as distribution point for ESA’s risk and mitigation analysis tools MASTER (Meteoroid and Space Debris Terrestrial Environment Reference), DRAMA (Debris Risk Assessment and Mitigation Analysis), and ORIUNDO (On-ground Risk Estimation for Uncontrolled Re-entries Tool). This paper will introduce all web based tools under development and outline their function. The design will be addressed with a focus on user friendliness, function and harmonised look-and-feel. Special emphasis is put on security to not only protect ESA’s data and server infrastructure, but also to implement ESA’s data access and usage policy.
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Mr Quirin Funke (IMS Space Consultancy GmbH at ESA)


Mr Ankit Choudhary (CGI) Dr Daniel Novak (CGI) Mr Davide Biamonti (CGI) Dr Holger Krag (European Space Agency) Mr Stijn Lemmens (European Space Agency) Dr Tim Flohrer (European Space Agency) Mr Vitali Braun (IMS Space Consultancy GmbH at ESA)

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