29-30 September 2021
Virtual Event
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Accepted Papers

  • Space Systems Ontology Workshop (half day)
    Organisers: Jean-Loup Terraillon & Serge Valera (ESA)
  • Implementation of MBSE solution for Advanced Digital Ground Segment Engineering
    Authors: Kaarel Lumi & Russell Gibson (CGI), Todor Stoitsev (SpaceCube), Joep Neijt (Solenix), Marcus Wallum (ESA)
  • Model-Based System Engineering for Avionics Processes
    Authors: Barthélémy Attanasio, Délia Cellarier & Regis De Ferluc(Thales Alenia Space France)
  • SysML Version 2 Approaching Industrial Use
    Author: Hans Peter de Koning ( DEKonsult).
  • MBSE in AIT and Operations of MOVE-II and its Impact on the MBSE2DL Activity and the MOVE-III Mission
    Authors: Florian Schummer & Maximillian Hyba (Technical University of Munich), Armin Müller & Björn Beyreuther (ScopeSET GmbH), Andreas Lindner (3DSE Management Consultants GmbH)
  • Application of Digital Exchanges Between Project Partners In The Frame Of Envision Project
    Authors: Gérald Garcia, Michaël Pateau & François Caullier (Thales Alenia Space France), Ana Rugina(ESA)
  • Benefits of Model-Based System Engineering for FDIR
    Authors: Régis de Ferluc, Olivier Rigaud, Délia Cellarier, Valentin Beauplet & Gérald Garcia (Thales Alenia Space)
  • MBSE at ESA: State of MBSE in ESA Missions and Activities
    Author: Jamie Whitehouse (ESA)
  • Extending The Scale Of Our Modelling Environments With CFS And SEDS
    Authors: Zahi Manzelji, Franco Bergomi & Régis de Ferluc (Thales Alenia Space France)
  • Specification And Architecture Of A System Factory For Space Systems
    Authors: Tiago Jorge, Marina García , Carlos Redondo & Elena Alaña (GMV Aerospace and Defence), Clement Goujon & Mauro Pasquinelli (Thales Alenia Space Italy), Stephan Jahnke & Riccardo Benvenuto (OHB System AG), Jean-Baptiste Bernaudin (Airbus Defence and Space SAS), Pascal Roques (PRFC), Claire Parfitt & Andreas Jung (ESA)
  • Formal Verification Of Space Systems Designed With Taste
    Authors: I. Dragomir & E. Alaña (GMV Aerospace and Defence), M. Bozga (VERIMAG), I. Ober (IRIT), D. Silveira & T. Jorge (GMVIS Skysoft SA), M. Perrotin (ESA)
  • Systematic Search Of Optimal Space System Missions Design Using Set-Based Concurrent Engineering Based On Models
    Authors: Gérald Garcia (Thales Alenia Space France), Sébastien Madelenat (Thales Reseach and Technology), Benoit Langlois & Luc Delamotte(Thales Global Services), Marcel Verhoef & Ana Rugina (ESA)
  • MBSE on MSR ERO: a use case
    Author: Frédéric Payot (Airbus Defense & Space)
  • Deorbit Kit Design with SysML ESA Profile
    Autors: L. Tarabini Castellani, S. Orte Arribas & S. García González (Sener Aeroespacial S.A.)
  • Leveraging the Eclipse Modeling Framework to work with Electronic Datasheets
    Authors: D. Perillo & L. Petersson (ESA)
  • Enabling portability across diverse hardware with a model-based approach
    Authors: Mark McCrum & Peter Mendham (Bright Ascension Ltd)
  • ECSS Requirements Management System
    Authors: N. Salor Moral & A. Vorobiev (RHEA Group), H.P. de Koning (DEKonsult)
  • Digital Engineering Hub Pathfinder
    Authors: A. Vorobiev & N. Smiechowski (RHEA Group Netherlands), S. Gerené (RHEA Group Belgium), S. Jahnke & J. Knippschild (OHB System AG), S. Weikert & M. Becker (Astos Solutions), S. Paquay, J-P. H. Vogt & I. Fontaine (Open Engineering)
  • Functional Chain Approach For Avionics Modelling And Simulation
    Authors: Pierre Boan (CNES), Barthélémy Attanasio (Thales Alenia Space)
  • Towards a MBSE Best Practices Book for Space Projects
    Authors: César Coelho, Liana Lica & Katharina Schneider (CGI Deutschland), Stephan Jahnke, Riccardo Benvenuto & Lauri Panitzsch (OHB System AG), Alberto Gonzalez Fernandez (ESA)
  • Implementation Of The Ecss-E-St-40c Processes Using A Model-Based Paradigm
    Authors: Tiago Jorge & Elena Alaña (GMV Aerospace and Defence), Régis de Ferluc & Iris Ávila (Thales Alenia Space France), Poul Hougaard (Terma A/S), Richard Melvin (CGI IT UK LTD), Andreas Jung & Javier Fernández (ESA)
  • Model based approach in configuration data management for LVCUGEN Flight Software
    Authors: S. Duprat & A. Haugommard (Atos), J. Galizzi (CNES), C. Navarro & M. Masmano (Fentiss)
  • TeePee4Space : a practical application of Information Sharing in Extended Entreprise to the space industry
    Authors: Julien BACLET, Romaric DEMACHY & Sébastien GUILMEAU (IRT Saint Exupéry), Pierre GAUFILLET & Jean-Luc MARTY (Airbus Defence and Space), Gérald GARCIA (Thales Alenia Space), Jean-Marie GAUTHIER (SAMARES Engineering)
  • First lessons learned from adopting a Model-Based System Engineering approach in early phases of complex satellite systems
    Authors: Belén González Rodríguez & Florin Catalin-Grec (ESA)
  • Model Checking for Formal Verification of Space Systems
    Authors: Michał Kurowski & Rafał Babski (N7 Space sp. z o.o.), Steve Duncan (Thales Alenia Space UK), Maxime Perrotin (ESA), Matt Webster (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Timing analysis of TASTE models for reconfigurable software
    Authors: Jean-Charles Roger, Pierre Dissaux & Jérôme Legrand (Ellidiss Technologies), Mourad Dridi, Stéphane Rubini & Frank Singhoff (University of Brest)
  • ESA MBSE Evolution: From ESA SysML Toolbox to ESA MBSE Solution
    Author: Alberto Gonzalez Fernandez (ESA)
  • Toward space system modeling with appropriate scope and abstraction level based on validation against constraints
    Authors: Hiroki Umeda, Atsushi Wada, Kazuhiro Oguchi, Yasushi Ueda, Naoki Ishihama & Masafumi Katahira (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Incorporating Model Based Reviews into the life cycle of the Earth Return Orbiter
    Authors: Lorenz Affentranger, Jakob Huesing & Eric Joffre (ESA)
  • COMPASTA: Integration of the COMPASS and TASTE toolsets
    Authors: Marco Bozzano, Roberto Cavada, Alessandro Cimatti, Alberto Griggio &Stefano Tonetta (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
  • Using Semantic Systems Engineering Techniques To Verify The Large Aperture Space Telescope Mission – Current Status
    Authors: Joe Gregory & Gianmaria Bullegas (Perpetual Labs Ltd) , Manu H. Nair &  Mini C Saaj (University of Lincoln)
  • A Taste Of Binarised Neural Network Inference For On-Board FPGAS
    Authors: Jannis Wolf (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya & Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Leonidas Kosmidis (Barcelona Supercomputing Center & Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
  • MBSE in an SME Context
    Author: Rhiannon Jenkins (ESA)