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Join us in Co-Developing the Zero Debris Technical Booklet & participate in the ZD Booklet Webinar #1


We are inviting you to join the preparation of the Zero Debris Booklet. 

Over the past few months, significant achievements have been made toward this objective.


  • The Space Debris Mitigation policy and standards have been finalised and endorsed by ESA’s Executive Board making them now applicable. First TEBs already tool place considering the zero debris approach. 
  • The zero debris charter has been finalised and is now accessible to interested parties for registrations. 
  • A series of workshop were conducted during the Clean Space Industry Days to deliberate on ‘How to reach Zero Debris by 2030’


These developments reflect the relentless efforts and commitment of our community towards mitigating space debris and fostering space sustainability.


Now it is time to define how to reach these zero debris targets, and this is the purpose of the collaborative Zero Debris technical booklet. The ZD technical booklet aims at elaborating on the technical justification and means to achieve these jointly defined sustainability targets. 


Register here to  write the zero debris technical booklet with us. The objectives of this community will be to:

  • Involve all stakeholders with an expertise related to the implementation of the zero debris approach 
  • Encourage a voluntary participation without binding to any implementation plan
  • Listing the technical needs and potential solutions to achieve the 2030 zero debris guiding principles and targets 

By registering, you will be joining the collaborative effort in developing the Zero Debris technical booklet and gaining access to its associated webinar. 

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 18, 2024, from 15:00 to 16:30 and will focus on presenting the initial draft of the Technology Booklet and discussing our plan to create a comprehensive document by the end of 2024.

Register here to join the co-development of the Zero Debris Technical Booklet
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