Final Presentation Day Meteoroids/Debris 2015

Meeting room Einstein (ESA/ESTEC)

Meeting room Einstein


Keplerlaan 1 2200 AG Noordwijk Netherlands (ESOC VC: VC1 H.290)
Gerhard Drolshagen (ESA)

Final Presentation Day Meteoroids/Debris 2015

TEC-EES will hold a Final Presentation Day on projects related to the meteoroid environment and to space debris on Thursday, May 7th 2015. The meeting will take place in the Einstein meeting room at ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands. A videoconference connection to ESOC will be available in VC1 H.290.

A draft agenda is available (please see Timetable link on the left). Please note that time and duration of the presentations may still change (within the day allocated to the event).

Participation in the final presentations is free of charge. Please note, however, that registration is mandatory for individuals without permanent site access to ESTEC.


  • Anatoli Miller
  • Anthony Thirkettle
  • Christian Erd
  • Christian Erd
  • Don de Wilde
  • Eamonn Daly
  • Gerhard Drolshagen
  • Karl Dietrich Bunte
  • Martin Schimmerohn
  • Pablo Beltrami
  • Pascal Eng
  • Petteri Nieminen
  • Philipp Maier
  • Rachel Halina Soja
  • Robert Furnell
  • Tiziana Cardone
For information please contact Philipp Maier