How diversity initiatives need to work together to promote intersectional diversity and inclusiveness in STEM


Across the world, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines) related organisations, industries and academic institutions are striving to create a working environment free from any form of bias or discrimination. But there is no single path that leads there and in many respects it is still a “learning by doing” endeavor.

One of the challenges often faced is how to ensure that diversity initiatives can leverage each other, creating a positive momentum beneficial for all and promoting fairness across the board. In this context, focus will be particularly put on measures regarding gender, gender identity and expression of sexual orientation .


The purpose of the workshop is to hear from professional/experts dealing with Diversity and Inclusiveness topics in STEM organisations about their experience in promoting and implementing related agendas in their organisations. A panel discussion will follow to allow for a thorough interaction with the audience.

The ultimate objective is to have a positive discussion leading to concrete advice and actions for ESA.

In light of recent debates at ESA, speakers will in particular be asked to elaborate, i.a., along the following lines:

  • How can we pursue diversity and inclusiveness preserving fairness;
  • How different diversity and inclusiveness initiativesand actions can benefit from one another;
  • How to tackle the issue of measurable objectives in order to deal with issues that might look intangible at first sight.
Registration for this event is currently open.