POLL potential ARTES AT 2020


Dear colleagues,

This poll aims to gather information regarding your interest for the listed ideas. The ideas have been proposed internally in the  Radio Frequency Equipment and Technology Section at D/TEC - ESA.

The development of a product for satellite communication involves a number of product development steps. At each step a higher level of technical and commercial maturity is achieved. This implies that technical and commercial risks are reduced as the development progresses.

ARTES Advanced Technology supports the early steps of product development: the design phase and the verification testing phase. Formal qualification and industrialisation are not supported under this element but under ARTES Competiveness and Growth (Industry initiated).

By ensuring the long-term readiness of products, industry will be able to prepare for future commercial or institutional opportunities.

Activities in the ARTES Advanced Technology elements receive 100% funding and contractors are selected through competitive open invitation to tenders (ITT).

5 options have been defined to assess your interest in each activity:

  • "Key Activity for us"- for those activities where, in case of being included in the ARTES  AT WP2019, you would like to send a proposal (providing the support letter from the national delegate is obtained)
  • "Very Interested" - Although the activity is interesting, additional discussion from your side has to be done before submitting a proposal.
  • "Nice to have" - It is recognized as an interesting topic but you do not plan to submit a proposal for this idea.
  • "Not interested" - The idea is not interesting for you although the field is still relevant.
  • "Not relevant for us"- This is not a field where we work.


Based on the interest and the internal evaluation at ESA, the selected activities will be included in the ARTES AT workplan for 2020.

Thanks for your contribution.


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