AI for SatCom - ESA-CLAIRE workshop

Leiden University (Leiden )

Leiden University


Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC, Leiden
Alessandro Donati (ESA), Holger Hoos (CLAIRE), Kodde Alexa (CLAIRE), Leopold Summerer (ESA), Raffaella Franco (ESA), Thomas Navarro (ESA)

The ever-growing connectivity requirements for voice and data communications, has resulted in the demand for new emerging technologies like 5G and Megaconstellations that will add enormous pressure to the current spectrum congestion situation and additionally will add massive complexity to spacecraft operations. Artificial Intelligence algorithms, can be programmed in cognitive radios on-board satellites in order to improve spectrum utilisation and in the near future allow full operational spacecraft autonomy. In this workshop we will go through different SatCom use-cases where we believe the use of AI/ ML could outperform traditional classical methods and enable new space technologies. The selected use cases are described in the attached file and summarised here:  

1.Flexible Payload Configuration
2.Spectrum management
3.Interference detection, classification and mitigation
4.Autonomous Operations for mega constellations
5.Anomaly detection, classification and prediction
6.Smart Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Testing.

This workshop will be a great opportunity to create a link between the CLAIRE experts and the Satellite industry in order to collaborate or work on future projects.

The expected outcomes are:

  1. Proposals for future AI and SatCom R&D activities,
  2. Assessment of the applicability of AI/ML techniques for satellite communications use-cases
  3. Identification of analogue use-cases (can be outside the space domain), where the same AI/ML techniques could be applied to SatCom
  4. Network of AI experts interested to apply their skills to explore AI capabilities to space satcom use cases
  5. Feedback to on-going and planned AI and satcom activities/approaches,
  6. Space use cases and space-related data-sets for AI researchers
  • Adnan Shahid
  • Alessandro CIMATTI
  • Amie Corbin
  • Andrea Marinoni
  • Andreas Wegner
  • András Lukács
  • Annalisa Riccardi
  • Asimina Syriou
  • benedicte girouart
  • Christophe Honvault
  • Dario Izzo
  • Devanshu Jha
  • Hendrik Blockeel
  • Johannes Ebert
  • Kaifeng Yang
  • Kristian Kersting
  • Leon Hauser
  • Marijn van Knippenberg
  • Mauro Vallati
  • Małgorzata Wasilewska
  • moataz ahmed
  • Nuno Cesar de Sa
  • Petia Koprinkova-Hristova
  • Raffaella Franco
  • Remco Frijling
  • Roberto Calandrini
  • Samir Bennani
  • Saso Dzeroski
  • Spilios Giannoulis
  • Stan van Gemert
  • Sylvester Kaczmarek
  • Thomas Hoch
  • Thomas Kueber
  • Thomas Rohr
  • Tiago Nogueira
  • Venkatesh Kannan
  • Xavier Geneste
For more info please contact Ms. Raffaella Franco
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