Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Francois Sanson (ESA), Guillermo Ortega (ESA)

The workshop is organized by the Working Group “ATD3” managed by ESA and CNES through the ESA Technology Directorate and the CNES Research and Technology Directorate.

The ATD3 working group is a regular forum at European level to facilitate the discussions (at technical and scientific level), collect and disseminate information, propose new topics/activities and plan (roadmap definition and coordination).


The main objectives of the group are:

  • Setting of a framework for verification, validation and comparison of numerical methods for space object reentry simulation tools. It is widely acknowledge that current state of the art tools feature strong modelling assumptions that introduce largely unquantified errors in the simulation deteriorate our capability to perform design for demise. For this reason the  group set up a limited number of test cases that are regularly  updated. The workshop organizers take care of collecting and processing new results.
  • Disseminating recent results within the ATD3 community. Members include academics ( in particular PhD students) and experts from industry that can share recent results and on-going activities founded by ESA and CNES.
  • Coordinating and discussing future activities. The objective is to get expert opinion from the academic and industry sector regarding future activity in the domain of aerothermodynamics and  design for demise.

If you wish to share recent results in the framework of the ATD3, please submit your abstract online under the heading  "Call for abstracts".

Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop
  • Adam Pagan
  • Alessandro Turchi
  • Antonio Caiazzo
  • Antonio Schettino
  • Beatriz Oliveira
  • Csaba Jéger
  • Daniel BRIOT
  • Dominique Charbonnier
  • Francesca Letizia
  • Francisco Torres Herrador
  • Francois Sanson
  • Fábio Morgado
  • Ian Holbrough
  • Inês Cardoso
  • James Beck
  • Jean-Marc Bouilly
  • Jean-Philippe Préaud
  • Jeroen Van den Eynde
  • Joan Baptista Rico Orero
  • Joao Coelho
  • Joao Vargas
  • Julien ANNALORO
  • Kevin Nocentini
  • Luigi Cutrone
  • Marco Fossati
  • Michael Probyn-Skoufa
  • Mihai-Victor Pricop
  • Mirko Trisolini
  • Nicolas Perron
  • Nicolas Praly
  • Patrik Kärräng
  • Paul Bruce
  • pierre van hauwaert
  • Pénélope Leyland
  • Sai Abhishek Peddakotla
  • Seong-Hyeon Park
  • Silvia Sanvido
  • Stefan Loehle
  • Stephan Schuster
  • stephane HEINRICH
  • Stijn Lemmens
  • Thorn Schleutker
  • Tim Newman
    • 14:00 18:00
      Aerothermodynamics and Design for Demise (ATD3) Workshop