2 December 2021
Virtual Workshop
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Invited Speakers

Adam Pagan - "Applying Ground Experiment Findings to the Simulation of Destructive Pressure Vessel Re-entry"

December 2nd, 12:10 CET

Adam Pagan is a research engineer and PhD student in the field of experimental aerothermodynamics at the Institute of Space Systems of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His primary research interest and PhD topic is the characterisation of the thermo-ablative response behaviour of spacecraft materials subjected to destructive atmospheric entry conditions.

Chris Ostrom - "Challenges in Modeling Hollow Objects in the Transition Flow Regime"

December 2nd, 17:00 CET


Chris Ostrom is an Orbital Debris Engineer at HX5, supporting the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office at Johnson Space Center.  He has served for four years as the Orbital Debris Research & Science Operations Safety Lead, where he has guided development of new versions of the ORSAT and DAS software packages. He continues to perform research into reentry physics, the statistics of ground casualty risk, and applying new statistical techniques to analyzing radar sensor coverage in LEO.