Sep 12 – 16, 2022
Biblioteca Municipal - Santa Maria - Azores -Portugal
Atlantic/Azores timezone

The workshop is organized by the Working Group “Radiation of High Temperature Gas” (WG RHTG) managed by ESA,through the ESA Technology Directorate, CNES and NASA Ames. The local organization for this event is managed by the Technical University of Lisbon and the Portuguese Space Agency.

The Workshop is devoted to promoting a dialogue on the state of the art and recent advances for simulation/modelling and experimental techniques of hypersonic radiating gas flows. In this frame, a limited number of test cases will be validated with respect to efficiency and accuracy of different methods and experimental approaches, for the determination of radiative heat fluxes encountered during atmospheric entry. The workshop provides the opportunity to explore related areas of research to face the challenges of future space flight.

  • Non-equilibrium chemical kinetics
  • Hypersonic flows
  • Plasma radiative emission and absorption
  • Experimental facilities and experimental techniques
  • Experimental and numerical modelling improvements of radiative heat transfer: refinement, verification, validation and comparison for space object re-entry simulation tools
  • Test cases proposed for validation

The preliminary timetable is now online.

Please submit your abstract online under the heading  "Call for abstracts".

Biblioteca Municipal - Santa Maria - Azores -Portugal
Biblioteca Municipal Rua da Boa Nova, 19 - 29 9580-516 Vila do Porto Santa Maria - Açores - Portugal
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For further information, please contact:


Louis Walpot

Flight Vehicles and Aerothermodynamics Engineering Section TEC-MPA, ESA/ESTEC 

Keplerlaan 1, 2200AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 
E-mail :


Michael Wright

NASA Ames Research Center
E-mail :


Julien Annaloro

CNES,  France
E-mail :

Local organization:

Mario Lino da Silva, IST Lisbon

Monica Reis, Portugal Space Agency

Herminia Saraiva, Portugal Space Agency


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