Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline


In order to submit your abstract, you first have to create an account in INDICO, using the red 'Login' tab in the top right corner of the page. Once you have created the account, please use the 'Submit new abstract' button.


When submitting, note that the abstract:
- should be a maximum of 600 words;
- should not contain a figure, graph, or table.

All the co-authors of a paper should be by inserted by the submitter in the appropriated fields, each with affiliation and email address.

The workshop committee reserves the right to exclude abstracts that do not comply with its quality standards. Authors will be informed by 20 April 2022 as to whether their abstracts have been accepted for oral presentation. The abstracts will also be collected and distributed to all participants of the workshop. Papers are not required.


Please notice that submission of an abstract alone is not enough. Authors must register to the workshop.

Presentations should generally not exceed 20 minutes, to allow time for questions and discussion.


Modifying a submitted abstract: Click on the title of your abstract at the bottom of this page and then on the 'Edit abstract' button to proceed with the changes. Modification will not be possible after the abstract submission deadline.

The call for abstracts is closed.