ESA invites you to join a virtual webinar to launch the activity "Standardised De-orbit Interface Definition for Satcom-class Spacecraft".

The webinar will be held on 4th June from 15.00 to 16.00


About this Activity

The objective of this activity is to generate a standard for an interface that would allow for in-orbit satellite-to-satellite latching. The interface should facilitate the non-cooperative rendezvous and capture of telecom-class platforms at end-of-life to support debris mitigation activities. This standard is expected to create an interface that satellite operators and ADR operators can confidently adhere to without prior knowledge or involvement during the design phase of each other’s designs. As an ESA-initiated activity, all parties can be assured that the resulting standard captures the needs of the overall satcom community, and not just dominant interested parties, and furthermore that the standard is developed with industrial requirements as a priority and on a timeframe compatible with industrial needs.

The standard will be written so that it is sufficiently detailed to ensure cross-compatibility, but with the goal of allowing both current and future ADR technologies to be used. It will also be important that the interface can be designed to keep the recurring manufacturing costs low. To achieve these aims, the satellite industry will be consulted to explore, assess, and trade different designs and technologies, both those in existence today and those likely to be developed in the future.

This work may lead to an on-ground or in-orbit demonstration mission proposal where two operators are asked to design and manufacture an interface independently without knowledge of the other’s design. The standard may also be later revised to incorporate new technologies or to allow for additional in-orbit services. This revision could be ESA-led, if necessary, but a transition to an industry-led forum with ESA support would be desirable.

ESA intends to keep industry and interested parties engaged throughout the process. To ensure cooperation from industry and that the appropriate direction is taken with the standard, ESA will directly manage, or be highly involved in the first two phases of the project. In addition, close cooperation with a range of related initiatives and activities from across the agency will be required to ensure a consistent approach and to avoid duplication of effort. To help in the creation of a workable and efficient standard, a preliminary interface design or designs may be created during the study. However, it is envisaged that ADR and satcom operators will eventually prefer to use the standard to create their own designs that fit their needs.

About this Webinar

This webinar marks the start of Phase 1 of this activity. During Phase 1, key stakeholders to consult throughout the decision-making processes will be identified. The inputs from these stakeholders will be captured in surveys and bilateral meetings, and the consolidated outputs will be presented in a final workshop currently planned for the end of July. The webinar will be an opportunity to learn more about this activity, to identify key stakeholders, and to answer any questions. 

The webinar will be held online via Webex.

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