30 June 2013 to 3 July 2013
Island of Santorini, Greece (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santorini)
Europe/Athens timezone
The 2013 Radiation Belts Workshop is the first of a series of radiation belt meetings that are planned to be held in the Aegean islands.
As its title conveys, this first workshop includes sessions on radiation belt research and specification. The workshop focuses, in particular, on the properties of low frequency electromagnetic waves and their effects on radiation belts dynamics. The other highlight of the workshop is the ongoing international effort on improvement of the AE9/AP9 Next Generation Radiation Specification Models.
These sessions will be complemented with presentations of the progress achieved by two relevant FP7-Space projects: MAARBLE (http://www.maarble.eu/) and SPACECAST (http://fp7-spacecast.eu/).
Island of Santorini, Greece (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santorini)
Bellonio Cultural Centre, Fira
There is a €200 conference fee, payable at the on-site registration.
DH Consultancy is a sponsor of the workshop.

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