10 September 2020 to 12 November 2020
Online Sessions
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

This course will provide ESA engineers with an in-depth introduction to robust control with application to space systems.  The course will be offered on-line over a 10-week period. Robust control has a well-established tradition in the space and aeronautics and has shown its successes in various European Space missions such as Ariane V and various ESA Satellites programmes such as Mars & Venus Express.  The course will first review classical controls for single-input, single-output systems including the fundamentals of modern frequency domain loop shaping techniques. It will then cover more advanced robust control topics for multi-input, multi-output systems including robustness analysis (multi-loop disk margins / structured singular value) and optimal (H2/H-infinity) optimal control. The course shall be given by Dr. Peter Seiler, co-author of the Matlab Robust Control Toolbox. The modelling, control and analysis fundaments taught in class shall be supported by hands-on classroom exercises coded in Matlab and Simulink. The course is hands-on and will include computer exercises to supplement the lectures.  The concepts introduced shall be further implemented on a hardware test bench reflecting elements of a prototype of a space application.

Course dates & time: Every Thursday, starting 10 September till 12 November, from 14.00-17.00

Language: The course is given in English.

Prerequisites:  Classical frequency domain control, state space control

Literature: Copies of overhead slides; selected scientific articles; course exercises, Matlab m-files.

Contact: For more information regarding the course itself, please contact the organisers,  Samir.bennani@esa.int &  Paula.Gutierrez.Ruiz@esa.int and ESTEC training

Online Sessions
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