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Power Workshop 2021, February 9-11



ESAPowerWorkshop Organizers, Guillermo Salinas, Yvonne Greville (ESA TEC-EP)

Thank you very much for attending the ESA Power Workshop 2021! 

We hope to welcome you to our non virtual ESPC in autumn 2022!!!


We would like to invite the European space industry to our ESA Power Workshop from 09 – 10 February 2021 to be held via webinar and given with CNES support.

The topics presented will be the following:

9th February: 

  • Solar Generators Session: Innovative concepts for SA design, manufacturing and testing.
  • Power Management Session: Can FMECA ease the combined use of COTS and Hi-Rel components?  

Detailed timetable:

10​​​​​​th February:

  • Energy Storage Session: 

Detailed timetable:

The registration is closed.

On 11th February 2021 the European Space Fuel Cell Workshop will take place which includes a Fuel Cell session in the morning and a Round table event in the afternoon. The registration is restricted. Please get in contact with .

    • Welcome and introduction
    • Solar Generators Round Table
      • 2
        Innovative concepts for SA design, manufacturing and testing - ESA
        Speaker: ANTONIO CAON (ESA)
      • 3
        CNES activitiesand perspectives on solararray - Boirard Honorine, CNES
        Speaker: CNES
      • 4
        Flex Array opportunities / use cases outside high power telecom - Airbus DS
        Speaker: Rob van Hassel (Airbus Defence & Space)
      • 5
        Sparkwing: a new space approach to solar arrays - Airbus DS
        Speaker: Rob van Hassel (Airbus Defence & Space)
      • 6
        Next generation Space Solar Array - Space Tech
        Speaker: Emanuele Ferrando (SpaceTech GmbH)
      • 7
        SOLARFLEX The European compact, lightweight and modular Solar Array - Thales
      • 8
        Wireless solar array testing: solar array wing verification without pulsed solar simulator measurement - AIRBUS DS
        Speaker: Dominique VERGNET
      • 10:50 AM
      • 9
        A path to low cost 30% solar cells: dual junction solar cells with light management - Airbus SD
        Speaker: Calus Zimmermann (Airbus)
      • 10
        AZUR Solar Cells Families – Highest Performance for Advanced Space Applications - AZUR Space
        Speakers: Dr Victor Khorenko (AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH), Wolfgang Guter (AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH)
      • 11
        Specific test plan for flexible space solar cells - CESI
        Speaker: Giuseppe Gabetta (CESI S.p.A.)
      • 12
        Next generation lattice-matched GaInNAs-based solar cells - Tampere University
        Speaker: Mircea Guina (Tampere University)
      • 13
        Ultra-thin high-efficiency solar cells: enabling flexible solar arrays and reducing costs - TF2
        Speaker: Günther Bissels (tf2 devices B.V.)
      • 14
        Roundtable: Discussion and Conclusion
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch break
    • Power Management Round Table
    • 8:30 AM
      Welcome and ESA Energy Storage Roadmap presentation
    • Energy Storage session
      • 21
        Welcome and ESA Energy Storage Roadmap presentation
        Speaker: Ms Aurore Carré
      • 22
        Safe Solid State batteries for clean Space - Austrian Institute of Technology

        Presented by Austrian Institute of Technology

        Speaker: Ningxin ZHANG (Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH)
      • 23
        Innovative High Energy Density Li-Ion batteries operating at low temperature - DUTH University, CERTH Institute, Airbus Company
        Speaker: Filippos Farmakis (Democritus University of Thrace)
      • 24
        Energy Storage Packaging Optimization - Almatech
        Speaker: Angel Iglesias (Almatech SA)
      • 25
        Safety Tests on VES16 Batteries - Saft
        Speaker: Hélène TRICOT (SAFT Poitiers)
      • 26
        Fuel Cells Roadmap and on-going activities at ESTEC - ESA
        Speaker: Brandon Buergler (European Space Agency)
      • 27
        CNES Roadmap presentation & Silicon core-shells to enable higher energy density Li-ion batteries
        Speakers: Ms Diane Delbegue, Mr Bastien Rage
    • Fuel cells session
      • 28
        ESA perspective, R&D activities
      • 1:00 PM
      • 29
        Industry roadmaps
    • Fuel Cells Roundtable
      • 30