19-20 June 2023
ESTEC, The Netherlands
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

The workshop is organized by the Propulsion, Aerothermodynamics, and Flight Vehicles Engineering Division of ESA.

Innovative Propulsion and Cross Cutting Initiative – IP CCI

Director General of ESA: “...ESA will immediately launch three new technology R&D initiatives on innovative propulsion, in-orbit servicing and construction, and quantum technologies..."

Innovative propulsion spans from air-breathing rocket engines, to electric propulsion for extremely low orbits, to green propellants.

Innovative Propulsion by definition shall :

  1. Bring significant positive benefit (mass, performance, cost, flexibility, etc.)
  2. Be at Low TRL but enough (>TRL2) in order to investigate and bring to demonstration status , e.g. shall prove a technological breakthrough for an application
  3. Enable new / emerging missions / applications (*)
  4. Facilitate the creation of new markets (*)
  5. Enhance reliability and competitiveness (*)


The IP-CCI, as per the QT-CCI, will follow past and ongoing cross cutting initiatives at ESA by focusing on particular topics of interest in breakthrough technologies, taking into account the needs of user programmes and industry and exploiting the potential of propulsion technologies across the complete R&D life cycle.

The IP-CCI main objectives are to :

  • Identify and support the strategic interest of ESA member states, industry and academia
  • Stimulate ESA Member states Propulsion Ecosystem
  • Boost activities to raise Technology Readiness Level (TRL); implement IOV/IOD missions; increase research, development and testing capabilities; demonstrate applications and services
  • Provide increased visibility on advance propulsion activities for space
ESTEC, The Netherlands

For further information, please contact:


Victor Fernandez

Flight Vehicles and Aerothermodynamics Engineering Section TEC-MPA, on behalf of ESA/ESTEC 

Keplerlaan 1, 2200AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands,



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