Dear Colleague,


The Propulsion, Aerothermodynamics and Flight Vehicles Engineering Division, (TEC-MP) of ESTEC is pleased to invite you to participate in the:

1st Workshop on Chemical Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, and Aerothermodynamics Technologies for Space transportation Systems

This event will take place at ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL) from the 5th to the 6th March 2024.


The workshop is intended to unite key stakeholders of the European Access to Space sector and to discuss the following topics:

  • Propulsion and Fluid Mechanics technologies applicable to Launch Sites,  and associated testing infrastructure.
  • Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics, and aerothermodynamics technologies  applicable  for space transportation vehicles sector
  • Increasing Competitiveness of Propulsion, Fluid Mechanics and aerothermodynamics Technologies suppliers


The objective of this Workshop is:

  • to support the development of ESA member states space propulsion & flight vehicle technologies.
  • to collect inputs for the ESA Harmonisation dossier with a more extensive catalogues of European Suppliers and  for the ESA innovative propulsion cross cutting initiative to accelerate emerging markets. 
  • To give the stakeholders the opportunity to have B2B with other stakeholders e.g. propulsion subsystems suppliers, launch service providers, agencies, and private investors.

The workshops constitute the forum where the participants can voice their interests and contributions. 


European suppliers will be offered to pitch in front of the Primes and Venture Capitals.


The workshop is open to industries (suppliers & users), investors (public and private), research institutes/centres and National Agencies from ESA member states and cooperating states.


Please note that this workshop is separate but complimentary to the BLAST workshop taking place in parallel at ESTEC on the 6th of March.  Having these two workshops together in ESTEC is in line with ESA’s  Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability , to reduce carbon footprint  in reducing business travel and commuting.