February 2, 2016
Europe/Rome timezone

Getting to ESRIN

Getting to ESRIN

The following ESRIN webpage provides information on how to reach ESRIN from the two airports around Rome:


Due to a change of the service provider of the ESRIN-Frascati shuttle bus, seats on the bus are now quite limited, with priority given to ESRIN employees. We thus advice you not to rely on the shuttle bus to get to ESRIN or back at a certain time.

Details of the bus are: the bus departs in Frascati from the traffic island between the station steps and the newspaper stand in Piazza Roma. It arrives at the main gate of ESRIN. Departure times are the following, travel time is about 20 min:

From Piazza Roma to ESRIN:

Bus Number Time
Bus 1 8:05
Bus 2 8:30
Bus 3 9:15

From ESRIN to Piazza Roma:

Bus Number Time
Bus 1 17:20
Bus 2 18:15
Bus 3 19:00


Please use the following map to find the Magellan room (for the Final Presentation Day, not for the Asteroid Observer Meeting or the Software I/F and Web Design Meeting) on the ESRIN site:
ESRIN site map