24 April 2019
UTC timezone

The purpose of the meeting is to announce the result of the election of the Board Members for the term (2019 – 2021). In addition the ECSL Secretariat will present the ECSL Triennial Activity Report and all ECSL NPoCs are invited to present an overview of past and future activities in their respective countries.

More information about the Board Election: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ECSL_European_Centre_for_Space_Law/Call_for_Nomination_of_Candidates_to_the_2019_ECSL_Board_Members_Election 

More information about the General Meeting of the Members: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ECSL_European_Centre_for_Space_Law/ECSL_2019_General_Meeting_of_Members


 The General Meeting of Members is open for all ECSL Members, but if you wish to attend you must register here:

 Please arrive for registration by 15.00 am and bring a valid piece of ID (passport or national ID card) for security purposes and entry into the Agency.

Three days of ECSL events at ESA ESTEC! 

Please note that this is the first of three ECSL events taking place at ESA ESTEC this week, all require separate registration for attending. As such, the list of events and more information on how to register is listed below. 

24th of April - ECSL Genera Meeting of Members: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ECSL_European_Centre_for_Space_Law/ECSL_2019_General_Meeting_of_Members 

25th of April - ECSL Practitioners Forum: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ECSL_European_Centre_for_Space_Law/Practitioners_Forum

26th of April - Young Lawyer Symposium: https://www.esa.int/About_Us/ECSL_European_Centre_for_Space_Law/Young_Lawyers_Symposium

For further questions, please contact the ECSL Executive Secretary at ecsl@esa.int

Newton 1
ESA ESTEC, at Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, the Netherlands