13th ESA Workshop on Avionics, Data, Control and Software Systems (ADCSS2019)

from Tuesday, 12 November 2019 (08:00) to Thursday, 14 November 2019 (19:20)
ESA/ESTEC (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))

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        : Breaks
12 Nov 2019
13 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019
08:00 --- Registration/Coffee ---
Introduction (until 09:30) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:00 Welcome   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:20 Logistics   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
SAVOIR (until 11:15) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:30 Introduction - Mr Jean-Loup Terraillon (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:00 FDIR working group - Mr Dave Thomas (AIRBUS)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:20 MASAIS working group report - Mr Christophe Honvault   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:35 UNION working group report - Mr Brice Dellandréa (Thales Alenia Space) Mr Christophe Honvault (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:15 --- Coffee Break ---
SAVOIR (until 13:00) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:35 FAIRE working group report - Mr Andreas Jung (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:50 AUTOCODE working group (automatic code generation) - Mr Davide Oddenino (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:10 Implementation of Attitude and Orbit Control Interface Commonalities - Mr Michael Mueller (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:25 DTN & CFDP - Mr Brice Dellandréa (Thales Alenia Space)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
08:00 --- Registration/Coffee ---
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 10:40) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:00 Artificial Intelligence: Nosce te ipsum - Mr Nickolaos Panagiotopoulos (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:40 CloudScout: In-Orbit Demonstration of In-Flight Cloud Detection Using Artificial Intelligence - Mr Marco Esposito (Cosine)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:10 Fast.ai - The Researchers New Machine Learning Toolbox - Mr Iain Keaney (Skellig)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 11:10) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:40 Radiation characterization and functional verification of COTS components for space applications (RACOCO) - Mr Jochen Kuhnhenn (Fraunhofer Institute )   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:10 --- Coffee Break ---
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 13:00) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:30 Ethernet for Space with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). - Mr Olivier notebaert (Airbus Defence and Space) Mr Franck Wartel (Airbus Defence and Space) Mr Vangelis Kollias (Teletel)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:00 High QoS communication network: TSN? - Mr Brice Dellandrea (Thalesaleniaspace)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:30 An IPCORE for Deterministic Ethernet via Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) light implementation: challenges and opportunities - Ms Mariasole Melara (GMV) Luis Medina Valdés (SevenSolutions)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
08:00 --- Registration/Coffee ---
Software (until 11:10) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:00 Introduction - Mr Marcel Verhoef (ESA) Mr Joachim Fuchs (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:10 Model-based software engineering – the state of affairs at ESA - Mr Andreas Jung (ESA) Mr Maxime Francois Perrotin (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
09:55 Open Standards and Sofware for Dynamic System Simulation - Modelica - Mr Francesco Casella (Politecnico Milano)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
10:45 Capella and Arcadia - Ariane 6 experiences - Mr Clement Grise (Arianegroup)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:10 --- Coffee Break ---
Software (until 12:40) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:30 Capella and Arcadia - Open source and governance - Mr Samuel Rochet (OBEO)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
11:55 Progress on SysML v2 - Mr Hans-Peter de Koning (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:10 Interactive feedback session - Mr Marcel Verhoef (ESA) Mr Andreas Jung (ESA) Mr Maxime François Perrotin (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
13:00 --- Lunch ---
SAVOIR (until 15:35) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:00 Keynote: A substantial experience in space avionics - Mr Torbjörn Hult (RUAG)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:45 EDS - Mrs Hernek Maria (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
15:05 Generic OIRD - Ignacio Clerigo (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
15:35 --- Coffee Break ---
SAVOIR (until 17:30) ()
15:55 Very Integrated Avionic Architecture Roadmap for space application - Mrs Laurence Clarac (CNES)   ()
16:15 FATI-ADS - Mr Bernard Gillot (ADS)   ()
16:40 FATI-TAS - Mr Olivier Rigaud (Thales Alenia Space)   ()
17:05 Brave Large processing board - Mr Aurélien Odounde  (CNES)   ()
Exhibition (until 18:00) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:30 TTTech Computertechnik AG   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:35 Microchip Technology Inc.   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:40 INDES - Integrated Development Solutions BV   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:45 Cobham Gaisler AB,   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:50 SkyLabs d.o.o.   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:55 Satsearch   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
18:00 --- Welcome Cocktail ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 14:30) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:00 TTE configuration: Schedule and Synchronization, example through the Ariane 6 use case. - Mr Etienne (TBC) Chenais (Ariane Group)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 16:00) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:30 Open Instruction Set Architectures (ISA) in Space - Mr Roland Weigand (ESA)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:45 Leveraging the Openness and Modularity of RISC-V in Space - Mr Stefano Di Mascio (TU Delft)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
15:15 Introduction of Fault-Tolerant Concepts for RISC-V in Space - Mr Jan Andersson (Gaisler)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 17:20) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:20 The RISC-V Klessydra Orbital Lab project - Mr Luigi Blasi (university of Rome)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:50 New arithmetic extensions for LEON2-FT - Mr Daněk Martin (DAITEQ)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
Terrestrial Technologies in Space Domain (until 18:50) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:20 DARWIN : centralized  and modular avionic architecture - Mr Pierre Spizzi (DSO/AVI/AV)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
17:50 SpaceVPX (VITA 78), SpaceVNX (VITA 74.4) and the future of Open Architecture Space Systems:  Both Large and Small. - Mr Charles Collier (L3Harris)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
12:40 --- Lunch ---
GNC, AOCS & Pointing (until 15:20) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
13:40 AOCS/GNC Autonomy and FDIR – Airbus challenges and way forward - Mr Kristen Lagadec (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:05 State-of-the-art and perspectives of autonomy and GNC/FDIR coupling - Mr Brice Dellandréa (Thales Alenia Space)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:25 CAMERA–LIDAR HAZARD DETECTION AND AVOIDANCE SYSTEM: FLIGHT TEST RESULTS - Mr Francisco Camara (Spin.Works)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
14:50 Design Simulation and Software Validation for On-board and Real-Time Optimal Guidance - Mr Carlo Alberto Pascussi (EmboTech)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
15:20 --- Coffee Break ---
GNC, AOCS & Pointing (until 16:55) (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
15:40 Autonomous on-orbit assembly - Mr José Briz Valero (GMV)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:05 Autonomous Guidance for Electrical Orbit Raising - Mr Kristen Lagadec (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:30 GENEVIS: A Full Software Vision-Based Navigation (VBN) solution for precise landing - Mr Darius Djafari-Rouhani (Airbus Defence and Space)   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))
16:55 Workshop Conclusions & Adjourn   (Tennis Hall (Escape Building))