Following on the 2007 and 2008 ESA Workshop on Avionics Data, Control and Software Systems (ADCSS 09) this year’s ADCSS will cover relevant avionics topics in the form of round tables. The workshop provides a forum for position papers and for significant interaction between the organisers and the participants. The status of ongoing initiatives shall be presented. The conclusions of the workshop will be used as a basis for future actions in ESA’s technology R&D plans in this domain.

ADCSS will take place at ESA/ESTEC, in the Newton Conference Centre.

Round tables
The Workshop includes the following round tables:
  • Space Avionics Open Interface Architecture (SAVOIR) - 3 November
  • Micro-Processors for Space applications (MPSA) - 4 November
  • Formal Methods in Software engineering (FMSE) - 4 November
  • Neomex - 5 November
In order to access the presentations from this ADCSS please send an e-mail to Kathleen Gerlo and mention the Round Table of which you would like to receive the password.

The link to the presentations (zip files) can be found on this page.
Newton Conference Center