January 22, 2020
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Welcome To ESTEC


When you arrive on site you will need to check in at the Security Gatehouse with an official photo ID, and then walk up to the main building, proceeding to the Newton Desk in the conference centre.

Please make note of the following important items:

Access to the ESTEC site is restricted to persons pre-registered using the online conference registration system, and presenting an original valid form of ID.

Persons not pre-registered will not be admitted to ESTEC by ESTEC Site Security.


2.1 Facilities

The ESTEC restaurant, in-house ABNAMRO Bank, and ESTEC Hotel/Travel Services are available to visitors.

2.2 Note

ESTEC’s space activities require hazardous materials and equipment. Therefore, hazard-warning signs must be obeyed at all times. Unauthorized access to restricted areas is strictly forbidden.

ESTEC is a smoke free facility. Smoking is only allowed outside the buildings in designated areas.

ESA/ESTEC accepts no responsibility for any injury to visitors or loss or damage to their personal belongings during their stay at the ESTEC site

The use of photo and video cameras is strictly forbidden while visiting the ESTEC premises.

Do not leave any bags unattended. Unattended bags and rucksacks may be removed and inspected for security reasons.

Please wear your personal access badge visibly at all times.

2.3 Emergencies

In case of any type of emergency, phone the ESTEC emergency number and provide the following information: your name, location, the nature of the emergency and casualties

The ESTEC emergency telephone number is 3333.

2.4 Evacuation in Case of Fire and Other Emergencies

Emergency instructions are displayed on the walls in all areas. In the event of an emergency evacuation, possibly accompanied by "slow whoop" sounds, please remain calm and follow your host and the green signs to the nearest exit. Proceed to the outside assembly area near building Ya (ESCAPE sports centre).

3 - ESTEC Facilities

3.1 Wireless Internet

The wireless service is available in the Newton Room Area and in all meeting rooms. You can find your login details at the back of your badge.

Wireless Network Name (SSID):esa-conference

3.2 Banking

There are two ATM machines at ESTEC, one across from the Coffee Corner & another in Section Ad, where ABN AMRO Bank maintains an office.

3.3  Restaurant

Lunches are to be taken in the ESTEC Restaurant, after 13:00.

3.4 Space Shop

The Space shop is open Wednesday & Thursday from 13:00-14:30hrs. You can find the shop near the main entrance (between reception and restaurant).

4 - ESTEC Contact Numbers 

General number

+31 (0)71 565 6565

Communications Office

+31 (0)71 565 3006

Hotel desk

+31 (0)71 565 5858

Travel desk

+31 (0)71 565 8030

Main reception

+31 (0)71 565 4000

Conference bureau

+31 (0)71 565 5005