22-23 November 2022
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

The 2022 ADHA (Advanced Data Handling Architecture) Workshop is intended to present and exchange about the ADHA program through interaction between the Agency and industrial partners.

The event will take place at ESTEC in Newton 2 on 22-23 November.

On the first day ESA and the ADHA industrial partners will present the status of the ADHA program, the evolutions since the last workshop in 2020 and finally the activities related to the development of ADHA products.

On the second day the participants will have the opportunity to exchange about ADHA EGSEs and verification methodologies that could be applied to ADHA units and modules.

The workshop will finally give the opportunity to companies to express their interest of participating to the ADHA program.


Day 1

Status of ADHA (What has been done? Where are we?).

ADHA Document organization (Level 0 / 1 / 2 documents).

  • From Satellite requirements down to Unit requirements
    • Environmental requirement (incl. EMC)
    • PA requirement
    • Module Design Interface Requirements and use cases of the several units on a satellite
  • From Unit design to Module requirements
    • Environmental requirements (Mechanical / Thermal / EMC)
    • Module Design Interface Requirements (internal backplane interfaces)
    • Module datasheet / requirements.
  • Development of the ADHA-U1 and its modules
  • Development of specific ADHA EM modules
  • Activities related to CPCI SS connector


Day 2

Morning: Round table about EGSE and verification approach to be applied to ADHA units and modules.

  • Introduction: Proposed verification approach for ADHA module categories and different model types.
  • Use of Electronic Datasheet for Unit assembly and system architectures
  • Modular EGSEs for Modular ADHA Units


The participants will be invited to fill a questionnaire before the event that will be used during the round table to stimulate the exchanges.

The questionnaire will be made available on this website before the event.

During the round table the participants will be able to exchange and complement the summary of the questionnaire answers that will be presented.


Afternoon: Presentations of other companies, expressing their interest of participating to the ADHA program.

Companies interested to participate can get in contact with the workshop organisers.

Newton 2