Nov 22 – 24, 2022
Hybrid Event
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

In co-operation with Airbus and CNES, the European Space Agency is organising a three-day workshop on Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering (MBSE2022) from 22-24 November 2022 hosted at the Airbus Leadership Academy in Toulouse (France)

The workshop will provide a forum to exchange practical experiences, lessons learned and novel way forward ideas from applications of model-based techniques in the area of Space System and Software Architecting and Engineering.

We expect the workshop to be attended by both practitioners from space agencies and European space industry (primes and their suppliers), and researchers in applied model-based techniques.

The symposium will include invited talks/keynotes, participant presentations and interactive discussion sessions.


All material presented at the workshop must, before submission, be cleared of any restrictions preventing it from being published on the MBSE2022 website.


Hybrid Event

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