Jun 12 – 13, 2024
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

Call for abstracts

You are invited to submit short abstracts of 1-2 paragraphs.

The intended focus of the workshop is shielding aimed at reduction of radiation-induced detrimental effects to space systems (e.g. effectiveness, manufacturing techniques, materials and other related technologies, modelling and testing), according to the themes below. The effects themselves (e.g. effects to electronics, biological effects) are considered to be outside the scope.


  • Multi-layer / composite shielding (high/low Z materials)
  • Novel shielding materials Shielding for planetary habitats and human
    exploration (e.g. crew vehicles, in-situ resource utilisation)
  • Manufacturing techniques and materials qualification
  • Radiation shielding modelling (particle transport in materials)
  • Testing of shielding performance, methodology and facilities
  • New product development / commercialisation (e.g. electronics enclosures, space suits etc)
  • Shielding for small satellites / cube-sats and approach to risk management
  • Technology transfer from ground based applications
    (e.g. nuclear, particle accelerators)
  • Advanced shielding concepts

You are invited to propose additional themes within the conference scope when submitting an abstract.

Please indicate if you would prefer

  • full length presentation (20 mins),
  • short pitch (max 5 mins),
  • poster
  • company display

No proceedings will be prepared, but the presentations will be made available to participants

There is also a plan to publish a summary/position paper based on the outputs from the workshop, in one of the space journals

The call for abstracts is closed.