European Space Thermal Engineering Workshop 2019

from Tuesday, 8 October 2019 (08:30) to Thursday, 10 October 2019 (20:00)
ESA/ESTEC (Newton)

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8 Oct 2019
9 Oct 2019
10 Oct 2019
08:45 --- Registration ---
09:45 Opening - Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe)   (Newton)
09:55 ESA Missions and Thermal Technology Development Outlook - Stéphane Lapensee (ESA)   (Newton)
10:35 --- Coffee Break ---
Thermal Design - Romain PEYROU-LAUGA (ESA) (until 13:00) (Newton)
11:00 MetOp-SG SCA Instrument Thermal Design and Verification - Ulrich Rauscher (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH) Mr José María Garcia Garrido (Airbus Defence and Space S.a.U. Spain)   (Newton)
11:30 Thermal design and thermal verification tests of the Solar Orbiter Heat Shield - Mr Claudio Damasio (ESA/ESTEC)   (Newton)
12:00 Thermal Design, Analysis and Validation Plan of the Thermal Architecture for the SMILE Satellite Payload Module - Lorena Del Amo Martin (Airbus)   (Newton)
12:30 The ATHENA Spacecraft - Thermal Design aspects - Mr Moritz Branco (ESA)   (Newton)
2-Phase Heat Transport Technology -Mr Emmanuel Caplanne (ESA) (until 10:30) (Newton 1)
09:00 On-orbit Experiment of Oscillating Heat Pipe and Loop Heat Pipe - Dr Atsushi Okamoto (JAXA)   (Newton 1)
09:30 Development of a Novel Positive Displacement Pump for Mechanically Pumped Loops - Mr Charlton Castro (AVS Added Value Solutions)   (Newton 1)
10:00 Minimising Temperature Gradients Within an Optical Support Plate Using Active Thermal Control - Mr Edward Nelson (Argotec)   (Newton 1)
Thermal Analysis and Software Tools - Matthew Vaughan (ESA) Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe) (until 10:30) (Newton 2)
09:00 Parametrisation of a Thermal Model with ESATAN Thermal Modelling Suite - Mr Krzysztof Domanski (ITP Aero)   (Newton 2)
09:30 Systema-Thermica - Mathieu Lepilliez (Airbus Defence & Space)   (Newton 2)
10:00 Post-processing of Thermal Model Data with ESATAN Thermal Modelling Suite - Mr James McIntosh (ITP Aero)   (Newton 2)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Thermal Analysis and Software Tools - James Etchells (ESA) (until 13:00) (Newton 2)
11:00 Toward The Integration of Aero-Thermodynamics and Space Debris Re-entry Capabilities within ESATAN-TMS - Mr Alessandro Falchi (AVIO)   (Newton 2)
11:30 Development and verification of a linear conductor generator with different triangle calculation methods - Jan Philipp Moeller (FH Aachen - University of applied Sciences)   (Newton 2)
12:00 TROPICS: An interface between OCDT and ThermiCalc for accelerated thermal design - Mr Marcel Scherrmann (PTScientists GmbH) Mr Tobias Flecht (PTScientists GmbH)   (Newton 2)
12:30 MetOp SG MWI On Ground Calibration Targets: thermal analysis, design and development - Davide Rizzo (OHB Italia S.p.A.)   (Newton 2)
Thermal Testing - Romain PEYROU-LAUGA (ESA) (until 13:00) (Newton 1)
11:00 A synthesis of 3D MLI efficiency test in ESTEC Thermal Lab - Romain PEYROU-LAUGA (ESA)   (Newton 1)
12:00 Contact conductance of copper based brush thermal connections - Ms Katja Janzer (ESA)   (Newton 1)
12:30 SAOCOM 1A TVAC and a low-power/hi-sensitivity thermal case study - Lucas Cubau (INVAP S.E.)   (Newton 1)
Thermal Control Technologies - Thierry Tirolien (ESA) (until 10:00) (Newton)
09:00 JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer) Instruments thermal control and interface - Romain Peyrou-Lauga (ESA)   (Newton)
09:30 Solution flexibility of HiPeR flexible radiators - Niels van der Pas (Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands)   (Newton)
Thermo-Elastic - Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe) Thierry Tirolien (ESA) (until 11:00) (Newton)
10:00 Thermo-elastic test as part of ESA activity: Improvement of methodologies for thermo-elastic predictions and verification - Benoit Laine (ESA)   (Newton)
10:30 Correlation of a Thermal Model for Thermo-Elastic Distortion Predictions - Kimberly Rutherford (ESA)   (Newton)
11:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Thermo-Elastic - Benoit Laine (ESA) Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe) (until 13:00) (Newton)
11:30 Guidelines for accurate thermo-elastic analysis - Alexander van Oostrum (ATG Europe)   (Newton)
12:00 SINAS Made Simple - Mr Simon Appel (ATG Europe for ESA) Mr James Etchells (ESA)   (Newton)
12:30 SINAS: Benefits and points of attention - Alexander van Oostrum (ATG Europe)   (Newton)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Thermal Control Technologies -Mr Moritz Branco (ESA) (until 16:00) (Newton)
14:00 Application and Testing of Self-Limiting Heaters for Satellite Thermal Control - Ulrich Rauscher (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH)   (Newton)
14:30 ADMATIS radiators and MLI: from development and qualification to flight - Mr János SZŐKE (ADMATIS) Romain PEYROU-LAUGA (ESA)   (Newton)
15:00 Thermal Control Louvers application using Rosetta heritage - Mrs ISABEL SOTO (SENER Aeroespacial)   (Newton)
15:30 Two phase - Mechanically Pumped Loop (MPL) development - Alain CHAIX (Thales Alenia Space)   (Newton)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
Thermal Analysis and Software Tools - Matthew Vaughan (ESA) (until 18:10) (Newton)
16:20 Methods to Improve Thermal Test Efficiency (MITTE) - Matthieu Rodriguez (Airbus DS)   (Newton)
16:50 Simulations of formation flying maneuvers of two spacecraft in ESATAN-TMS based on the development of a MATLAB/Simulink tool for defining the required inputs. - Mrs Natalia de Burgos (SENER Aeroespacial) Mr Pedro José Herráiz Alijas (SENER Aeroespacial)   (Newton)
17:20 Flight correlation and characterisation of Sentinel-2A/B satellite thermal behavior - Martin Altenburg (Airbus)   (Newton)
17:45 Flight correlation and characterisation of Sentinel-2A/B MSI instrument thermal behavior - Mr ARNAUD LEMOINE (AIRBUS)   (Newton)
18:10 --- Cocktail ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Small Satellites and CubeSats / Analysis - Philipp Hager (ESA) (until 16:00) (Newton 2)
14:00 A Modular Approach to Thermal Modelling of CubeSats in ESATAN-TMS - Mr Arne te Nijenhuis (NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre)   (Newton 2)
14:30 Modular Parallel Micro Pump for Adaptive Thermal Control of CubeSats - Ramon van den Berg (NLR)   (Newton 2)
15:00 Radiative Surface Properties of a Trihedral Array for Lunar Thermal Control Applications - Dr Colin Butler (University of Limerick)   (Newton 2)
15:30 The Application of a Thermal Mathematical Model during Lander Operations on the surfaces of Small Bodies - Mr Michael Maibaum (German Aerospace Center)   (Newton 2)
Thermal Testing - Malgorzata Solyga (ESA) (until 14:30) (Newton 1)
14:00 Sentinel-1 thermally activated Separation Bracket - Arne Sauer (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH)   (Newton 1)
Thermal Design - Malgorzata Solyga (ESA) (until 16:00) (Newton 1)
14:30 Flexible External Insulation (FEI) at ArianeGroup Bremen Development - Qualification and Application - Mrs Nihan Özerson-Yücel (ArianeGroup)   (Newton 1)
15:00 Development of Variable Emissivity Coating for Thermal Control - Jean-Paul Dudon (Thales Alenia Space)   (Newton 1)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
2-Phase Heat Transport Technology - Gunnar Sieber (ESA) (until 18:00) (Newton 1)
16:30 Compact and lightweight two-phase pumped cooling system with 3D printed aluminium components - Dr Henk Jan van Gerner (NLR)   (Newton 1)
17:00 Medium LHP state of the art - Mrs Typhaine Coquard (airbus defence and space)   (Newton 1)
17:30 A Separable Loop Heat Pipe for Cooling a Pressurised Cargo Module - Mr Edward Nelson (Argotec)   (Newton 1)
Thermal Analysis and Software Tools - Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe) James Etchells (ESA) (until 18:00) (Newton 2)
16:30 Challenges implementing a stratospheric balloon ascent phase in ESATAN-TMS - Mr David González-Bárcena (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IDR/UPM)) Mr Javier Piqueras (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)   (Newton 2)
17:00 Machine learning algorithms to develop predictive thermal tools for spacecraft simulations - Dr Christian Semler (Maya HTT)   (Newton 2)
17:30 First steps of numerical simulation using Artificial Intelligence - Vincent Vadez (Dorea) Pierre Alliez (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)   (Newton 2)
18:00 --- Dinner ---
13:00 Closure - Harrie Rooijackers (ATG-Europe)   (Newton)
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13:05 --- Lunch ---