12-16 June 2016
Gothenburg, Sweden
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

ESA Cosmic Vision MF ASIC and IPs Development

14 Jun 2016, 09:20
Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Poster AMICSA: Radiation tests of analogue and mixed-signal ICs Full custom digital, analogue, or mixed-signal


Mr Daniel Gonzalez (Arquimea Ingenieria S.L.U)


In the radiation environment envisaged for the interplanetary mission to Jupiter named Juice, the electronic equipment will require to withstand up to 300krad of Total Ionization Dose. The availability of high performance components that can cope with that requirement is low or non-existent and for that reason ESA funded an activity to create radiation tolerant high-performance mixed-signal IPs. In the frame of the project two different ASICs where implemented: A rad-hard programmable ∑∆ modulator (CVB-001) which contains four separate ∑∆ modulator and a Rad-hard analogue front-end chip (CVC-001) which contains a Bessel Filter, a Digital to Analogue Converter, a Low Noise Amplifier and a Power amplifier. Simulation and validation results of those chips and in particular the detailed behavior of each of the IPs will be presented.

Primary authors

Mr Ernesto Pun (Arquimea Ingeniería S.L.U) Dr Francesc Serra-Graells (IMB CSIC) Dr Jordi Madrenas (UPC) Dr Mario García (UC3M)


Dr Daniel Fernández (UPC) Mr Daniel Gonzalez (Arquimea Ingenieria S.L.U) Dr Fernando Muñoz (University of Seville) Dr Luis Entrena (UC3M) Dr Michele Dei (IMB CSIC) Dr Richard Jansen (ESA)

Presentation Materials

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