8-10 October 2019
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

SINAS Made Simple

10 Oct 2019, 12:00
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mapping of thermal results to mechanical models and guidelines for thermo-elastic (for thermal part) Thermo-Elastic


Mr James Etchells (ESA)Mr Simon Appel (ATG Europe for ESA)


SINAS is a tool for mapping temperatures from lumped parameter based thermal analysis to a finite element model for computing thermo-elastic responses. The most recent major version of SINAS was developed for ESA in 1998. Since then not many companies have been using the software. One of the reasons is the software was quite cumbersome to use; many steps had to be performed which all required a steep learning curve.
pySinas is a python based replacement of most of the code of old SINAS suite. It combines various developments at ESA over the last years. With pySinas it is now possible to combine the full functionality of the many steps of SINAS into a single run with straightforward input and output files. It still offers the possibility to generate the intermediate files to allow for quickly mapping results of additional thermal analysis runs.
The presentation will provide a short summary of the methods behind SINAS followed by a short getting started instruction. Finally, information is provided on how to get a copy of pySinas. pySinas is free of charge for industry from ESA member states.

Primary authors

Mr James Etchells (ESA) Mr Simon Appel (ATG Europe for ESA)

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