Oct 20 – 23, 2019
Europe/Athens timezone

AREMBES: Geant4 validation for X-ray space missions and G4 simulator development

Oct 21, 2019, 2:00 PM


Simone Lotti (INAF)


AREMBES (Athena Radiation Environment Models and x-ray Background Effects Simulator) is an ESA project that foresees the development of a software simulator based on Geant4, capable of addressing all the background issues that the ATHENA mission will experience during its lifetime, together with the development of improved environment models for the L2 halo orbit radiation and the validation of relevant physical processes against available experimental results.  The project, wthat has contribution from 10 scientific institutes/SME in 7 different countries, is divided in 3 phases: 

1) Analyses of data relative to radiation effects and experience from previous X-ray missions, improvement of L2 radiation environment models, and improvement of the Geant4 physics models, 

2) Development of a framework  for a user-friendly radiation background simulator, construction of a representative ATHENA geometry model, and validation of the simulator performance 

3) maintenance and upgrades.  

We are at present in Phase 3.
We will review the results obtained so far in phase 1 and phase 2.

Primary authors

Simone Lotti (INAF) Dr Claudio Macculi (INAF) Silvano Molendi (INAF) Valentina Fioretti (INAF/IASF Bologna) Dr Andrea Bulgarelli (INAF) Dr Teresa Mineo (INAF) Dr Alfonso Mantero (SWHARD) Paolo Dondero (SWHARD SRL) Vladimir Ivantchenko (CERN, G4AI) Dr Monica Laurenza (INAF) Fan Lei (RadMod Research) Pete Truscott (Kallisto Consultancy Ltd)

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