May 13 – 17, 2024
Dublin, Ireland
Europe/Dublin timezone


The program of the workshop will consist of presentations, discussions and a poster sessions. Our keynote speakers are:

  • Christina Plainaki (Italian Space Agency): Moon-magnetosphere interactions in the outer solar system
  • Joachim Saur (University of Cologne): Sub-surface oceans: Effects on moon-magnetosphere interaction and related implications for ocean diagnostics
  • Audrey Vorburger (University of Bern): Moons Across the Outer Planets: Exploring their Exospheres
  • Tom Nordheim (Jet Propulsion Laboratory): Surfaces of the outer planet moons.
  • George Clark (Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University). Juno’s close encounters with Ganymede, Europa, and Io: a Juno-era review of moon- magnetosphere interactions with emphasis on energetic particle dynamic.
  • Shahab Fatemi (Umeå University): Plasma interaction with the Moon is not boring

On Wednesday afternoon there will be an (optional) excursion. Multiple geological features on icy moons have been named after historical and natural sites in Ireland. One of them is Tara Regio on Europa, which was recently observed by JWST. We will visit the original Hill of Tara, the former seat of the High Kings of Ireland. 

There will also be an (optional) conference dinner in Dublin's lively Temple Bar district. Traditional Irish music and food guaranteed!