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May 13 – 17, 2024
Dublin, Ireland
Europe/Dublin timezone

3rd outer planet moon - magnetosphere interaction workshop

The third “Outer planet moon-magnetosphere interaction workshop” will take place from 13 to 17 May 2024. The meeting will be hosted by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) in Dublin, Ireland.

The goal of the workshop is to advance our understanding of moon-magnetosphere interaction in the outer solar system, in the context of past (e.g. Galileo, Cassini), current (e.g. Hisaki, Juno), upcoming (e.g. JUICE, Europa Clipper) and next generation missions (e.g. icy giants). We will welcome contributions including but not limited to: data analysis, modeling, remote sensing and laboratory studies. We aim in particular to foster collaborations with moon-atmosphere and moon-surface researchers, as well as with the Earth-moon community. Other special topics of interest include the recent Juno flybys of Europa, Ganymede and Io, as well as the August 2024 JUICE flyby of Earth’s moon.

The venue (Maharry theater, Trinity College’s Business School) in is in Dublin City Centre, easily accessible from the airport, and with a huge number of local hotels.

Thanks to generous support from Science Foundation Ireland, the Royal Astronomical Society and ESA we will be able to provide financial support for a limited number of early career researchers.

Registration deadline: 1st of March 2024
To register please complete the registration form (menu on the left) and make the payment on the payment website: 


The organizing committee,
Hans Huybrighs (DIAS), Mika Holmberg (DIAS), Norbert Krupp (MPS), Shahab Fatemi (Umeå University), Stas Barabash (IRF) and Caitriona Jackman (DIAS)


locally supported by: Charlie Bowers, Stephenie Brophy Lee, Alexandra Fogg, Sadhbh Leahy, Seán McEntee, Sophie Murray, Matt Rutala, Simon Walker, Affelia Wibisono


With financial support of:




Dublin, Ireland