22-24 November 2022
Hybrid Event
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Accepted Papers

  • Realisation, extension and utilisation of the system factory of space systems
    Authors: Carlos Redondo (GMV Aerospace and Defence), Marina García (GMV Aerospace and Defence), Tiago Jorge (GMV Aerospace and Defence), Clément Goujon (Thales Alenia Space), Stephan Jahnke (OHB System AG), Jean-Baptiste Bernaudin (Airbus Defence and Space SAS), Marcel Verhoef (European Space Agency), Alberto González (European Space Agency), Elena Alaña (GMV Aerospace and Defence)
  • Model Based Approach for Functional Chain Engineering
    Author: Alexandre Cortier (Airbus Defence and Space SAS)
    Co-authors: Philippe Leblond (Airbus Defence and Space SAS), Jean-Luc Marty (Airbus Defence and Space SAS), Jacques Magné (Airbus Defence and Space SAS)
  • Beyond SysML models to describe Airbus Space missions in an extended MBSE environment for system architecting
    Authors: Stéphane Estable (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Johannes Buerkle (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Jacopo Aurigi (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Falko Fahnauer (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Christian Allweyer (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Sebastian Bartsch (Airbus Defence and Space GmbH), Alexandre Cortier (Airbus Defence and Space SAS), Marie de Roquemaurel (Airbus Defence and Space SAS)
  • Product line engineering methods to support model reuse
    Authors: Jean-Luc Marty (Airbus Defence and Space), Alexandre Cortier (Airbus Defence and Space), Jonathan Ly (Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Towards Views Extraction to Ease Concurrent Review of Systems Engineering Models
    Authors: Jean-Marie Gauthier (IRT Saint Exupéry), Julien Baclet (IRT Saint Exupéry), Jérôme Fasquel (IRT Saint Exupéry), David Brandão (ESA – ESTEC)
  • Model-checking for taste designed space software systems: results and lessons learned
    Authors: I. Dragomir (GMV Aerospace and Defence), C. Redondo (GMV Aerospace and Defence), T. Jorge (GMV), L. Gouveia (GMV), M. Bozga (VERIMAG), I. Ober (ISAE), M. Perrotin (European Space Agency)
  • Simulation of Operational Concept – Illustration on OPS-SAT 2
    Authors: Raphael Faudou (Samares Engineering), Petros Pissias (ESA)
  • CubeSat System Reference Model – An MBSE Model for Building a Mission-Specific Model
    Authors: David Kaslow (DEKaslow Consulting), Jaime Robles (SPEX Systems)
  • PLATO Mission Parameter Database
    Authors: Jamie Whitehouse (Aurora Technology B.V. for ESA), Sami-Matias Niemi (ESA-ESTEC), Antonio Villacorta Benito (Telespazio UK S.L. for ESA)
  • Lessons learned in applying MBSE to the development of autonomous and highly secure nanosatellites
    Author: Hazel Jeffrey (Craft Prospect Ltd)
  • The COMPASTA Approach for MBSE
    Authors: Alberto Bombardelli, Marco Bozzano, Roberto Cavada, Alessandro Cimatti,
    Alberto Griggio, Massimo Nazaria, Edoardo Nicolodi, Stefano Tonetta (all from Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
  • Status of MBSE deployment at ESA
    Authors: Jean-Loup Terraillon, Jamie Whitehouse, Marcel Verhoef, Ross Findlay (all from European Space Agency)
  • SysAOCS, how to digitalize the AOCS/GNC description using SysML
    Authors: S. Orte Arribas, L. Tarabini Castellani, A. Martinez & S. Garcia (all from Sener Aeroespacial S.A.),
    Q. Wijnands (ESA/ESTEC)
  • An Integrated MBSE Analytics Platform (IMAP) - DevOps for MBSE
    Authors: Armin Müller (ScopeSET GmbH), Michael Benkel (ScopeSET GmbH), Andreas Lindner (3DSE Management), Rosalinde Borrek (Technical University of Munich), Florian Schummer (Technical University of Munich)
  • Using models for improving the efficiency of ESA mission operations
    Authors: Petros Pissias (European Space Agency, ESOC), Cesar Guzman (VisionSpace Technologies), Miguel Rey (VisionSpace Technologies), Marcus Wallum (European Space Agency, ESOC)
  • MBSE for system to software engineering
    Authors: Philippe Gast, David Lesens & Pierre Moro (all from Ariane Group)
  • A model-based approach to budget management for the Earth Return Orbiter
    Authors: Lorenz Affentranger (European Space Agency), Jakob Huesing (European Space Agency), Frederic Payot (Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Systems Engineering – Classical vs. Model Based Approach and First Lessons Learned
    Authors: Katarina Jesswein, Michael Brahm & Stephan Jahnke (all from OHB System AG), Mohammad Chami (SysDICE GmbH)
    Authors: Paolo Minacapilli, Flor Criado Zurita, Saúl Campo Pérez, Alberto Rodríguez Pérez-Silva & David Escudero Lasheras (all from Elecnor Deimos)
  • Flight Software Development with TASTE
    Author: Steve Duncan (Thales Alenia Space UK Ltd)
  • Toolchain to connect EDS and TASTE
    Authors: Michał Kurowski, Filip Demski & Jakub Rachucki (all from N7 Space sp. z o.o.),
    Maxime Perrotin & David Perillo (European Space Agency)
  • Experience gained on applied MBSE at Spaceship FR
    Author: Marcos Eduardo Rojas Ramirez (on behalf of the Spaceship FR Team in collaboration with ISAE SUPAERO)
  • Optimization of Kinéis (nano-satellites constellation) system tests using MBSE approach
    Authors: Jonathan Lasalle (ARTAL Technologies), Isabelle Hernandez (Kinéis), Nathalie Corcoral (CNES), Julien Rey (CNES)
  • ESA SysML Solution
    Authors: Jamie Whitehouse (Aurora Technology B.V. for ESA), Alberto Gonzalez Fernandez (Telespazio Belgium for ESA), Anh Toan Bui Long (ESA/ESTEC), Elaheh Maleki (ESA/ESTEC)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to support Space Engineering Activities
    Authors: Gérald Garcia (Thales Alenia Space), Gaëtan Pruvost (Thales SIX / Theresis), Serge Valera, Luis Mansilla & Audrey Berquand (all from European Space Agency)
  • Performing a Power Consumption budget analysis in an Extended Enterprise context with TeePee
    Authors: Julien BACLET (IRT Saint Exupéry), Romaric DEMACHY (IRT Saint Exupéry), Pierre GAUFILLET (Airbus Defence and Space), Jean-Luc MARTY (Airbus Defence and Space), Gérald Garcia (Thales Alenia Space)
  • Developing an Open Platform for Democratised MBSE
    Authors: Andrey Vasilyev, Gianmaria Bullegas & Omar Nachawati (all from Perpetual Labs Ltd.), Maged Elaasar & Steven Jenkins (from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • Applications of Model-Based Systems Engineering for JAXA’s Engineering Test Satellite-9 Project
    Authors: Yuta Nakajima (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Tsutomu Fukatsu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Decentralized and Automated Business Logic in a Future MBSE Blockchain Ecosystem
    Authors: Red Boumghar, Annalisa Riccardi, Shahzad Ameen, Ashwin Arulselvan, Edmondo Minisci
  • Automated Space Mission Design Concepts Generation with Reinforcement Learning
    Authors: Jan-Peter Ceglarek (Technical University Darmstadt), Red Boumghar (Parametry.ai)
  • ECSS-E-TM-10-25 evolution and the state of COMET
    Authors: S. Gerene (RHEA Group), A. Vorobiev (RHEA Group)
  • “SysML Version 2 Final Stretch
    Authors: Hans Peter de Koning (DEKonsult)
  • Embarking to end‐to‐end system modelling for Galileo Second Generation & MBSE for Galileo Second Generation
    Author: Catherine Morlet (ESA)
  • OSMoSE - Overall Semantic Modelling for Space System Engineering Space System Ontology 2nd Workshop
    Organisers: Serge Valera (ESA/ESTEC), Quirien Wijnands (ESA/ESTEC)
  • Ontological Approaches for Scaled MBSE Deployment
    Author: Lucie Laborde (Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Enhancing the MBSE-Hub for AIV Reporting Needs
    Authors: N. Salor Moral (RHEA Group), P. Beltrami (RHEA Group)
  • Model Based Engineering Hub – A firm foundation for a new generation of MBSE exchange
    Authors: Tobias Hoppe (Airbus Defence and Space), Todor Stoitsev (SpaceCube GmbH), Colin Borrett (Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Domain-specific ontology for digital continuity: Thermal Engineering case
    Authors: Elaheh Maleki , Alexandre Darrau , Jean-Loup Terraillon (all from European Space Agency)
  • Model Based System Engineering Hub
    Authors: A. Vorobiev (RHEA Group), K. Tiensuu (RHEA Group), S. Gerené (RHEA Group), S. Jahnke (OHB System AG), L. Bitetti (Thales Alenia Space), HP. De Koning (DEKonsult)