25th Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Network in Europe (SPINE) Workshop

Escape Dance Room (ESTEC)

Escape Dance Room


Keplerlaan 1 220AG Noordwijk The Netherlands
Fabrice Cipriani (ESA), Mika Holmberg (ESTEC)

The SPINE workshop is an open forum on new research and technology, needs and plans in the area of spacecraft plasma interactions.

We seek contributions on topics of interest such as, but not excluding to:

- Charging environments and standards
- Material properties (measurements, databases, new materials, etc.)
- Electric propulsion plasma environments, interactions with spacecraft and electrical orbit raising
- Charging of Cubesats and Nanosats
- Particle and Wave instrument contamination by plasma plumes effects
- Plasma instruments and electrostatic cleanliness
- Charged dusts in space, interactions with space probes
- SPIS software performance, current and future developments, interoperability with other simulation tools


  • Ali Varsani
  • Andrea Sita
  • benjamin ruard
  • Bjarne Andersson
  • Bruno Delacourt
  • Christian Imhof
  • Christophe Theroude
  • David Rodgers
  • Denis Payan
  • Erwin De Donder
  • Fabrice Cipriani
  • Fredrik Johansson
  • Gabriel Giono
  • Gregoire Deprez
  • Guillaume Tcherniatinsky
  • Jean-Charles Matéo Vélez
  • Jean-Jacques Berthelier
  • Jean-Pierre Lebreton
  • Julien Forest
  • Leonie Buntrock
  • Luca Bucciantini
  • Mario Merino
  • Mika Holmberg
  • Morgan Kjølerbakken
  • Pierre Sarrailh
  • Sofia Bergman
  • Sylvain Ranvier
  • Sébastien Hess
  • Tanguy Lagree
  • Thursday, October 25
    • 1
      Speakers: David Rodgers (ESA), Fabrice Cipriani (ESA)
    • 2
      Understanding Langmuir Probe low energy ion measurements at comet 67P
      Speaker: Fredrik Johansson (IRF)
    • 3
      Correction of low-energy ion measurements from Rosetta-ICA for the effects of spacecraft charging
      Speaker: Sofia Bergman
    • 4
      Rosetta ions measurements simulation
      Speaker: Guillaume Tcherniatinsky (LATMOS)
    • 10:55 AM
      Coffee break
    • 5
      Simulation of Langmuir probes measurements in magnetic fields
      Speaker: Guillaume Tcherniatinsky
    • 6
      Preliminary simulations about MMO orbiter (BepiColombo mission)
      Speaker: Luca Bucciantini
    • 7
      Cassini plasma wake simulations compared with Langmuir probe measurements
      Speaker: Mika Holmberg
    • 12:40 PM
    • 9
      Feedback on SPIS capabilities / performances to address science mission needs
    • 10
      Spacecraft Charging in the updated LEO auroral environment: Dependence on the relative SA area
      Speaker: Christian Imhof
    • 11
      Charging of the PICASSO CubeSat
      Speaker: Sylvain Ranvier
    • 3:00 PM
      Coffee break
    • 12
      Electron modeling in full PIC and hybrid plasma thruster plume simulations
      Speaker: Mario Merino
    • 13
      SPIS system application for Electrical Propulsion
      Speaker: Mr Lagree Tanguy (Airbus Defense and Space)
    • 14
      SPIS-EP summary and release
      Speaker: Sebastien Hess
    • 15
      Discussion on EOR simulations and effects
  • Friday, October 26
    • 16
      The EDGE/MoORa/SPIS-IC modelling chain to model the internal charging in the AMBER experiment
      Speaker: Julien Forest
    • 17
      EDGE for ExtendeD Gdml Editor - A pre-processing tool helpful to design your SPIS CAD model
      Speaker: Julien Forest
    • 18
      Metadata formalism for the description of spacecraft-environment interaction data and models
      Speaker: Sebastien Hess
    • 10:45 AM
      Coffee break
    • 19
      Simulation and experimental investigation of dust charging and adhesion
      Speaker: Jean-Charles Matéo-Vélez
    • 20
      Surface Potential Decay Measurement on Thin Layers
      Speaker: Bruno Delacourt
    • 21
      Secondary emission tool
      Speaker: benjamin ruard
    • 22
      Materials parameters and database discussion
    • 23
      spine community announcements and workshop conclusion
      Speakers: David Rodgers, Fabrice Cipriani
    • 1:00 PM
    • 24
      SDAB meeting