This interactive workshop aims at bringing together the key European stakeholders requiring access to high-end digital processing technologies and state of the art EEE components for the space segment. The selection of non-qualified EEE digital components is justified in general by Performance, Availability and/or Cost reasons. It has to be understood that the ranking and weighting of these criteria is in general project specific.

One key underlying aspect is to consider the usage of COTS type EEE components, processes and technologies in this innovative context. Based on the evolution of next generation space systems in particular for Telecommunication and Earth observation, a methodology related to the procurement and usage of such technologies has to be established.

In this open forum, the workshop will collate the viewpoints and opinions from the space system Operators, Space Agencies and Suppliers in order to derive commonly supported approaches and action plans.

The workshop will be a combination of invited presentations and open discussions.

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Post-workshop meetings: In order to go deeper into some topics, meeting rooms shall be made available the day following the workshop for bilateral meetings.